The butt pinching addiction

Never mind

Another hobby of mine

Yeah, we all have some weird fetishes, hobbies and addictions. Some of them are not so unusual like foot fetishes (yes, they are common amongst guys), poking your nose out of the car’s window at a petrol station, smelling a book you just bought, or opening the refrigerator door to stare aimlessly inside it.
But some of them are truly weird, like one of my friends likes to pull out a strand of hair or two from her scalp and burn it (no, she’s not disturbed in any way).

Well, I have a thing for pinching people’s butt cheeks. Maybe I do it because I love watching them react to it which is so fun!
I pinched one of my friends’ from tuition the other day, the poor guy almost jumped out of his clothes!!
My best friend, Bansal, is quite familiar with this hobby/obsession of mine And she finds it pretty amusing too, so it’s time for her boyfriend to come to terms with it as well (the poor guy just can’t help being insecure 😛 )

So that was my queer addiction which makes people blush, let out a nervous laugh, shout out my name in disbelief (yeah, like it!!!), jump as though struck by lightning and even pinch mine in return.

F.Y.I I’m a girl, just in case you were wondering.

What’s yours???

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