Howdy fellow bloggers?


And that’s me!!

It’s funny how we tend to do everything other than studying in the midst of exam prep leaves (take BOARDS for example)

Need proof?

Well here I am, writing my first post on my father’s iPad which he believes isn’t accessible to me since I ‘don’t know’ the password (he needs a reality check).

Anyways, a heartfelt welcome to my blog. My name is Riddhi and I currently have my arse parked in west Delhi (hoping for a change). I live with my Oh-so-loving mum, dad and our maid. I used to be a Science student at Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram (which is a pretty good school but sadly, an over crowded one) where I was an underperforming student in my last 2 years (the judgmental readers may stop here) but had fun with my peers regardless.

So that was my unbelievably short intro (yeah,I know you’re probably rubbing those eyes by now, that is if you’re still reading) and I hope you’ll keep up with my posts which will often cover the random incidents in my monotonous life. And yeah, feel free to drop a comment!! See you around!!

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