The Valentine’s day commotion

So it’s valentine’s day. What? You don’t have a date either? Awesome!
Whats that? You miss you ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Oh c’mon. It’s not like the world revolved around him/her! It did?? That’s a pity. You really do need a life. Or maybe a reminder that today is ‘Singles Awareness Day’ (you’ve never heard of that?!??! No wonder you haven’t been living your life)

Coming to think of it, valentine’s day is meant to be celebrated, by those who are with somebody as well as the ones who consider themselves fortunate enough not to be in that situation. Next year, the former will be mourning over their ‘special someone’ cus they dumped them and there will be no dearth of ‘God, why me???!?!’ and cries (which sound no less than a hyena’s ) from the girl next door. But you (if you’re still sensible) will be watching a movie like 2012 or The Da Vinci code on that couch with a big bowl of popcorn and a bottle of cola, making most of the holiday you got from work.

Just sit back, relax and think. Think about the time you spent on yourself rather than running around town to buy a gift for your valentine which usually burns a hole in your pocket (god won’t pay those huge phone bills, you know). Remember the time when you could watch any movie you wanted to rather than being forced by your valentine to watch some mushy sob story of a boy and girl dying in each other’s arms or being forced to watch that cricket match.
You didn’t have to come early from work, or think twice before going for a night out back then. Nobody would nag you for smoking or drinking the entire night (except your mum of course). You didn’t have to worry about getting late for a date (you probably don’t apologize to friends for that) or forgetting your partner’s birthday or the date you met, started dating etc.
You could take care of yourself, more importantly, you were allowed to take care of yourself, and no, maa ka pyaar isn’t counted.
You never had to compromise on your work for romance and you never had to apologize to anyone for passing out while talking on the phone (yes, it is possible).

So instead of whining and complaining, go to a friend’s house and grab a beer!! But don’t drink too much, you don’t want your colleagues to comment on the color of underwear you were wearing that night đŸ˜›

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