The women: by a woman

Everyday, I come across at least one article in the newspaper regarding a rape case (all different, mind you). What more, there are victims from shocking age groups like an eight year old girl! And we got all kinds of situations too: raped at gunpoint? Check. Raped by a relative? Check. Date raped? Check. Raped in a moving car? (read about one today again)
What else do I read in those articles? Women blamed for stepping out in inappropriate attire (sleeveless tees and shorts are not inappropriate!), the ‘She Was Asking For It’ bull crap and cops and politicians passing the buck (don’t even bother).

Truth is, that there is no dearth of MCPs in our country. From rapists to politicians like Thackeray receiving pink chaddis, all these men insult women as well as themselves. (who do they think they’re honoring when they say that men can’t control their sticks if a girl in a halter top and hot pants comes around? It also means that every man is a potential rapist, isn’t it? I’ll be ashamed to think so.)
Another truth, the real shocker: Women are regarded as the fairer, but weaker sex and we all go along with is. Why? Because its easier that way.

How many times have you come across a woman like Rani Mukherjee as the feisty journo in No one killed Jessica or Lara Croft? Okay that went a bit far.

Sadly, I can’t expect much from our patriarchal society either. Take these for example: A widow will probably hear shit like “It must be in her fate” behind her back and will just suffer in silence. A divorced woman would be eyed with suspicion and will be blamed for no fault of hers. An unmarried woman in her 30’s will be considered unattractive or unlucky even if she is a bachelorette out of choice. A man will be preferred over a woman with the same qualifications in an interview. A woman in an extra marital affair will be damned whereas her male counterpart will be dismissed with a Men will be men bull crap. And single mothers? Don’t make me go there now.
Even in courts, the woman is asked to discuss details of incidents she’s trying really hard to forget. So how about you BACK OFF, you piece of shit?

Everyone has the Ideal woman image inscribed in their pea sized brain.
The ideal woman? She is the woman in a ‘no show’ Saree and lives to please her Pati Parmeshwar. She is the Savitri who obeys her husband without a question and her entire world is centered around him. She is the one who manages all the household chores and her children single handedly.
How many time do people need to be reminded that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS IDEAL!!!

One question:
What makes a woman, a woman?
Is it her ability to bitch about another woman for hours at a stretch? (believe me, men bitch a lot more)
or the fact that she can run around in stilettos the entire day?
Does fighting for her rights make her any less womanly? Or at least slapping a man in public for misbehaving?
I don’t think swearing is unladylike as long as it’s justified (otherwise you’re just trying to compete with Rakhi Sawant).

Food for thought:
Why are cat fights sought after so much by men in particular?
Probably because women are not expected to express their emotions so openly. And why should they? They don’t have their freedom of speech and expression, right?
I’m not promoting cat fights here (which is a very uncivilized way of expressing yourself) but the idea that women should not give a shit about such silly expectations. Those who have decided to stand up against any sort of discrimination shall reap the benefits (after a long while) while the others may keep complaining about their condition which will fall on deaf ears for the rest of their miserable lives.

And I’ll say one thing for them.

Serves them right.

3 thoughts on “The women: by a woman

  1. juschill yaar. not all guys r like that.
    but its good u’re venting out ur frustration in this fashion. better than screaming in the house like crazy. I knew a gal who did that (dont ask me her name though) πŸ™‚

  2. Well, umm, that girl is 17 yrs old and she was my girlfriend. (Ok I know it sounds weird, but it is true nevertheless; Vishal knows the details) Anyway, so we broke up due to some reason I can’t tell you here (Hey, this is a public domain), still we are good friends though.

    P.S.: Her surname is also Singh, and she is a DAV student.

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