A break from studying

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been studying (precisely 19 hours). But that’s what happens when you have a physics board examination coming up. I got a bit too tired of studying the subject I hate the most so thought of just typing something. Sadly enough, I don’t have much in my mind other than a thought which goes like: what if photons had mass? That’s an insane thought so I won’t really dwell in it for that long.
It’s kind of pitiful when you realize that you’ve been sitting in the same room, at the same corner of the bed, with physics textbooks and registers surrounding you and all you hear is the clock ticking. You get up and do to the loo for a change of atmosphere (anything’s better than the bedroom) and you hear your father snoring loudly and strangely, you let the mosquito on your foot suck it’s way to glory (yeah yeah, don’t leave a drop in there by mistake!). Then you get up, pull yourself together, tilt your head back in front of the mirror and check your nose, wash your hands and get back to the same old bed.

I took a 15 minute break today (yes, I have to time my breaks) and dad took me out for a walk and tried his best to keep up my spirit and stuff while we walked on the street, not far from home. And by keeping up my spirit, I mean offering some gadgets and expensive stuff like that’s gonna work on me (well, it just might. Keep trying!). People generally become super sweet before important exams. It’s like feeding a lamb before chopping the head off.
Even my family gets a bit restless before exams. Like my father who drew a common emitter amplifier on the huge calendar just because it had a huge circle on it (which was the earth, by the way). Or my mum who decides to check on me right when I take a break which is 5 hours in a day (including lunch, dinner etc). Today I decided to conk off for an hour to relax a bit when mum came, kept nudging me and complained that I go to sleep too early (hello, it’s 11:30 pm already!).
Sadly, the only sane person in the family, Garima, my sister has decided to abandon me in this time of need for her next triathlon preparation. It won’t take long for her to call mum and complain about her shin splints.

Anyways, here I am, ready to hit the publish button simply because my break is over. Thanks for reading about the super exciting life I’ve been enjoying for almost a week now.

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