The Physics board exam

I had the dreaded Physics Boards examination today. After spending 4 days and 3 nights on the subject, I can finally say that I did whatever I could to score as much as I could. Surprisingly, I have no regrets.
The day started with dad trying to calm me down when there was no need. I became so relaxed that I slept for another 30 mins when I was supposed to bathe which lead to the morning hustle. Mum fed me a spoon of extremely sweet curd which reminded me of the weeping mother in the movies, spoon feeding her only son before he leaves for the battle. After that, I reached my exam centre a bit early, so I chatted up a bit with a few friends and went in to the lecture hall where I was supposed to give the paper.
Now the lecture hall is a huge room where at least 60 more nervous students gave the paper with at least 2 arms’ sideways gap between them which meant that there was going to be one answer sheet per student and no cheating. One of the invigilators was from our school (yay!) but then, he was ONE of the invigilators (damn it!).
The examination started with a collective sigh, a few sips of water, murmurs and prayers. We picked our swords (read pens) and filled the particulars on the answer sheet and went through the question paper.
The bell rang and we all tore the paper seal on the answer sheet.
My reactions: first question – shit which subject is this?
second question – yeah there’s some hope.
third question – these one markers are nasty!
fourth question – which set is this again?
fifth question – the third set! this shouldn’t be hard
sixth question – Hah! I solved this one last night!
and so on….

Funny part: the local train passes near the school, so every time it passes, the ground starts shaking, and we start thinking of dropping our pens, shout “EARTHQUAKE!” and run out. But the invigilators told us that its just the train. Damn it.
Weird part: during the paper, the ground started shaking rather violently. We looked at the invigilators to say something. They looked a bit puzzled. That was when we realized that there’s actually an earthquake and we might stand a chance of skipping the paper! but it lasted for a few seconds and we went back to our scribbling.
At the end of the paper, there were anxious parents craning their necks to locate their child, and asking them the obvious questions while the students walked out slowly, thinking of what to tell them.
questions like “kaisa tha?” and “kitne aayenge?” were heard everywhere. I walked to my parents, just to be bombarded with questions after which I left for home with mum, and dad left for his workplace.

To bring it to closure, I’ll say


7 thoughts on “The Physics board exam

    • they definitely spiced it up in the newspapers though. “Physics proves tear jerker” – TOI
      No complaints though. It might just make the checking more liberal.
      Keep crying kids! Its working!!!

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