The silly things

This post is the most random and discontinuous post I’ve ever written (or typed) so please do not expect fluidity or complain about the lack of it by any means.

A great woman once told me, “All that glitters ain’t gold. But it definitely feels nice to wear it till people start noticing the same.”

Sometimes (read often) random thoughts decide to visit my brain. Like the one I just had moments ago.
Why does the sidekick in those sci fi/action movies ALWAYS push that god darn red button?? Isn’t it obvious (from experience) that it’s gonna do more harm than good? Why keep a red button in the first place? Then I recalled that red signifies danger. But for whom? The villain or the hero? Or forget sci fi movies. Take cartoons for instance. It is amazing to watch Tom run ‘on smoke’ with ease till he realizes that there is no ground below his feet and then he looks down, waves goodbye, and falls. But does not die. but hey, it’s a cartoon! Besides, I tell myself to push these thoughts out simply because they won’t help me finish my syllabus.
But then the thought of Humpty Dumpty came in my mind. Why did the egg sit on the wall when it was pretty obvious that it’ll roll and fall off? And then he becomes the wisecracking egg in ‘Through the looking glass’ by Lewis Carroll. I know I do not have the shape of an egg but I still avoid sitting on walls and railings whenever I can.
And I hate the fact that I feel so sleepy during prep leaves and I’ll lose every trace of that drowsiness the moment these board exams get over. And the fact that I know all my plans of partying after exams will go in the bin but I just don’t stop!

So as a closure, I’ll quote someone again.
I was chatting with an old buddy of mine. Out of nowhere, he said, “you know, I’m a very religious person” I asked the most obvious question to which he replied, “main pujari hu aur cigarette meri agarbatti”

4 thoughts on “The silly things

  1. Remember when Wile-E-Coyote painted a tunnel at a base of a mountain and road runner passed through it; Poor Coyote was left groggy.

    Well I heard that Coyote has become rather smart now. Instead of the usual ACME tools, he invested the money somewhere else. In other news, Sonic (The Hedgehog) has reportedly caught Road Runner and handed him over to Coyote. Seems like money can do anything, what saya ?

  2. Cyberspace is a teeming source of information, isn’t it.

    P.S.: You don’t have to write a disclaimer for the fluidity of your posts. Chill yaar ! 🙂 I reckon those who like the posts will return later. Those who don’t, well, they can go **** themselves. 😀

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