The trash can

Ever been to your room after a while? The last time I did that, my reaction was, “bhench___!! Yeh sab kisne kiya hai?!??! Mary!! Yeh kachra saaf kyu nahi karti???”
FYI, Mary is the maid.
So there I was, standing outside a room which remotely resembled mine, sans the books thrown all over the bed, the deodorants and perfumes crammed up next to the small dressing table, an empty packet of lays on the floor next to my slippers, a packet of chocolate cookies, a plate of fruits (or whatever left of it), my old school bag on the study chair, some ash and some pieces of fabric I used to call my clothes. The only thing which looks neat is the pile of books on my side table, neatly stacked up, ready to be thrown out as soon as the papers finish.
I push some books on the bed to make some space for myself to sit and wonder what a dump I live in. Screw that, even my mum has given up asking me to clean up. Maybe that’s why she has limited her visits to twice or thrice a day. No problemo!!
Which reminds me that the bed cover hasn’t been changed for a week at least. Damn!!
Chalo bhai, gotta get back to studying organic Chem, which sucks, but then we mere mortals don’t really have much options.

3 thoughts on “The trash can

  1. You consider your room a dump. Quite understandable, considering the fact that you haven’t seen my room yet. Well I won’t recommend it either. They say chaos reigned before the civilizations sprang up. I say chaos still reign, though on a much smaller scale, ie, my room.

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