A day out for a change

I was pretty exhausted after the chemistry exam on the 13th so I decided to reach home and relax for a while before starting off with Maths. I was surfing the internet when mum got a call from Sunny bhaiya, my elder sister’s boyfriend who had come to attend his elder brother’s wedding. So he had decided to drop by to pass some stuff my sister had sent for us. We were having the ‘usne yeh bheja hai’ and all conversation which passed on to my exams and i immediately shifted the topic to mum’s pathetic metabolic rate and how she’s not able to loose weight even after all those scary workouts in the gym. They got stuck on that for a while because he’s a fitness freak to say the least and so is my sister.
Anyways, he offered to take me out for a while because I desperately needed a change of environment and I happily jumped at the offer. He had to buy some stuff for himself so we went to the ridiculously close and boring Rajouri Garden malls which are so close to each other that we walked from one mall to the other simply because we wanted costa coffee and not cafe coffee day.
So firstly, he wanted a pair of walking shoes and he couldn’t find the kind he wanted so he ended up buying 3 pairs of socks instead.
Unlike what most people say, girls don’t just shop or window-shop or eat/drink when we’re out. Okay, I’ll take my case here. When I enter a store, the first thing I notice isn’t the merchandise on the shelves. It’s the music they’re playing and the ambience they’ve created. Oh, I’ve heard and loved a lot of tracks playing at these stores at times.
So we were at this puma store where I was just sitting and listening to ‘somewhere I belong’ by Linking Park that was being played there and it suddenly reminded me how long it’s been since I’ve heard a good track. We left soon with the socks since we couldn’t find the shoes and we went to croma looking for a good pair of earphones which took quite some time. Then we went to costa where we sat and talked about random things like some old Indian television comedy series and bizarre shows. After that we were on our way back to my home when my sister called from work and she was not in her best mood. So he was trying to make her talk and all which badly reminded me of the time when I was dating. He dropped me back home and I thanked him for the kind gesture and that was how that fine evening ended.
God! Now I need a nap!

8 thoughts on “A day out for a change

  1. Your post reminded me of two days. First, when I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – II, where I listened to some song by Akon.I usually don’t like Akon’s songs, since I’m a hardcore metal-head. But that song was nice. Kinda soothing.

    Second , when I and Vishal had gone to Select City Walk to see the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. They say there’s a haunted piano there which plays by itself. Actually, I reckon it might be electronically configured to play notes. So what will you do on 26th ?

    • Damn, I wanted to watch Ghost Rider. Ive been beating myself over it. And lol, that piano is not haunted. It is electronically configured to play all that.
      And plans for 26th? I guess I’ll be shopping a bit, convincing my parents for a tattoo and sketching for my portfolio. And maybe an outing with friends the next day.
      What are your plans?

  2. Obviously movies. By the way, you know I watched two movies that day. First, Woman in Black (CP) then GR:SOV (SCW). We made the first half of WIB perfect comedy, but the second half was kinda scary. And Ghost Rider is my fav superhero now, I mean he’s got a mean bike which I would kill to own. And he’s infintely better than Superman. Superman is a pansy (Sorry, if you’re his fan), wearing undies over his pants and the color code is awful.

    I recommend both the movies.

    P.S.: I think you should reconfigure your blog’s timezone. Correct me if I’m wrong, but your blog is showing incorrect time.

  3. Now worries, I don’t like Superman either and please don’t make me jealous.
    Btw, did you watch Woman in Black because it has Daniel Radcliffe?
    And yeah, I just checked. The time zone’s a bit effed up. I’m looking into it. Thanks though.

  4. Guess what, the hackers had made few more forays into my blog. Just like I had predicted. And they couldn’t even displace a single byte this time. Again, just like I had predicted. I’ll upload the screenshot on my blog later

  5. I suppose my well chosen words, aimed straight at their skills, is what put me on their high priority list. They won’t leave me alone anytime soon. As if I give a damn…………………

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