Some reviewing and the Maths paper

My father came back home a few hours back, and guess what he got for me. No, not a stupid doll from the stories. It was my 18th birthday gift, a Canon EOS 7D!!! Man, the price of gifts just escalates every year. He gave me my first digital compact camera when I turned 17. But I’ll have to stay away from it for now, my papers aren’t over yet.
Anyways, school’s finally over….phew.
Just one more paper before I let go of my school uniform, which doesn’t fit me anymore, by the way. As I said on my Facebook status update, my weight has increased more in the past 4 months than the past 4 years…and my BMI just labelled me as an overweight board student. But hey, I dont mind much. Like I said, boards ke baad to time hi time hai (after the entrances of course. I won’t like mum reading this). I’ll work my ass off to glory.
Coming to the point, the Maths board paper. It was pretty easy actually, all copied from NCERT. Could I ask for more? I won’t answer that cause the wish list is endless and the topmost will be handing out the answer key along with the question paper, but then obviously, I’m asking for too much.
Apparently, even the people who set the paper don’t like the U-LIKE. Haa!
“Up yours!” to the people who ate my head and tried to make me study from U-LIKE.
Okay, the paper was pretty easy and all except a few questions that I never manage to attempt correctly. Like maxima and minima. Sadly, they always come for 6 marks. That burnt a hole in the heart. But never mind.
To sum it up, I’ve never seen so many happy faces after a board exam. That’s called making up for the morose ones after physics.

Now back to my ‘deep thoughts’. School life is over, and it took the joy of bunking with it. But never mind, we’ll have better things to do in college(Everyone said so!). But now, we won’t have REPs wearing sports shoes under sarees chasing us from the Open Air Theatre to the football field. Or Chaubey bhaiya (one of the security guards) asking us not to sit under peepul trees and in the football field or the stage area. Or the same guy breaking fights between random kids during recess. There won’t be PD (Prem Dhawan, the Chem HOD) passing funny comments on students or Jacob sir sharing double meaning jokes in the staff room (yes sir, I was signing the board form when you said it) or Hussain sir (the physics teacher/dreaded class teacher)
talking about morals, ethics and values AND about not handing things with the left hand, his ‘clockwise hand movement to draw a circle’, his invitation to the kids for seviyan at his house for eid, etc. The list is endless. To sum it up, I guess I will miss school to an extent.

But hey, it’ll be a good change.

9 thoughts on “Some reviewing and the Maths paper

  1. Please, PLEASE gimme tips to increase my body weight. I’ve been facing the flak of my relatives due to my low BMI for quite some time. And things have been going downhill for me ever since my maternal aunt ‘discovered’ that I’m anorexic. Actually it was nothing, I’d refused pooris and puas once and had insisted for rotis. Well, I hate too much oil, thats it. But from that day onwards she is convinced that I’m anorexic, which I frankly find laughable. Anyway so she insists on stuffing me like a Thanksgiving turkey whenever I visit her. So I seriously need tips on how to gain weight.

    • Hahaha!!!
      I believe that you’re a lucky kid. I’ve become so fat that my ring feels a bit tight on my finger!! Not kidding!!!
      Btw, try eating a packet of lays everyday and make others do stuff for you like fetching your books, a glass of water, or even pass the tv remote. I’m sure that’ll help!
      All the best!

  2. I have tried eating Lay’s chips everyday @ 5 pm. All I gained in one year is around 1.5 kg, which is poor considering the duration. So I can safely say that the Lay’s thing is not working, even though I’m still following the ritual (Something is better than nothing) More tips appreciated.

  3. Nah. As a matter of fact, I hate sugar. But I have no problem with fat as in chips, or aloo parathas, stuff like that. In desperation I even tried roti with ghee dip. The result is pretty much obvoius. I’m still underweight. Damn ! There must be some way

  4. Got checked that too sometime ago. (I f*****g tried everything) No worms though.(thankfully). Given the fact that my brother along with mom, and the maternal side of my family has the same condition, I’m starting to think that it might not be my fault. Maybe its genetic. Coz everyone from my mom’s side is reed thin, including the aunt who thinks I’m anorexic. Well next time I meet her, I’m gonna accuse her of being anorexic. But I fail to comprehend why they blame my lifestyle for my BMI when half my family has the same thing. This is damn unfair.

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