Post boards….wtf

I had my last board exam today. The paper was awesome with a lot of errors. I had planned so many things (read ‘post boards to do list’. Forget riding a horse, I didn’t even go shopping. That is because I had to make a new portfolio. My classes will start from tomorrow which will eat up my whole week.
The worst part is that I don’t have anything to scold myself for. Not that I’ve run out of mistakes and all, but the fact that I used to keep my thoughts from wandering by reminding myself that I have to study and focus and crap like that. So today, I didn’t have much to do other than sketching and watching tv. The situation got so bad that I ended up watching movies like ‘What’s your Rashee’.
So all I did today was: went to school to get some stuff attested, went home and called up Aneesh, a classmate. Then I called up Nalin, an ex tuition classmate. Then we met up, chatted for a bit and I came back home. I started working and watching movies on the tv after that.
Not a very exciting day I guess.
So now I’m waiting for tomorrow when I’ll get busy again so that I can keep my mind off some things which should be avoided.

A note for Aneesh: I did what you asked me to. It ain’t helping!!

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