Another break!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Kya karu, I got a bit too busy with the entrance exams preps. But no worries, I’m back (on the request of my few followers) with something new to write about and I have plenty of time to type it down.
It’s been two weeks since my coaching classes started and man, they really do suck out the last drop of life from you!
I have classes during the weekdays for about four and a half hours from morning to noon which means that I’m pretty exhausted when I reach home and I’m ready to collapse on the bed and pass out till 5 PM. I skip my lunch because of that as well. I don’t feel hungry by the time I reach home.
I wake up at 5 with my mum, get ready and go out for 30 minutes of jogging/walking, come back completely exhausted, watch TV for a few hours, have dinner, do my homework and then go to sleep.
I rarely go out on weekends, so I just stay at home, watch tv and do everything else.

But this weekend was meant to be different.

My younger aunt had come to visit us from New Zealand with her husband and daughter. They had decided to stay at Gurgaon at my elder aunt’s new home. Dad was staying there with them as well. I didn’t have much to do at home and I knew that I would get bored as usual, so I told dad about it and he invited me to stay there for the weekend (because I cannot miss my classes).
I didn’t really expect much because I thought that my aunt and her family will be out to visit their friends and all here. But they had planned otherwise.
My first day there was a bucket full of fun. I needed a new phone since my old Nokia phone had been acting like a piece of shit, so Shruti di, my elder cousin talked to me about her phone which I liked quite a lot and I had been recommended that phone by many. We were at Galleria, Gurgaon to buy fish for dinner when I asked dad to come with me to check out the phone and get his feedback on it. Little did I know that he’ll buy it from the next shop we’ll check out to compare prices. So in short, I came back home with a huge grin on my face.
We guys chatted and laughed our heads off in the evening with a couple of drinks and a lot of jokes and had butter chicken for dinner since we didn’t have all ingredients to prepare the fish.
It was one hell of a day!

Next day, that is today, dad went back to Galleria with me in the morning to buy Uno cards (I had forgotten my packet at home along with Cluedo, plot 4 and some other awesome boards games).
Sadly, we couldn’t go out much because Shruti di had just got her lasik treatment done and she was advised to stay at home for at least 2 days. So we just went to Safdarjung enclave for her checkup, CP for dad’s work and back home to relax. We played a lot of Uno that afternoon and my stomach was hurting with all that laughter and my throat was getting sore as well. Everyone passed out in the noon while I listened to some tracks on Shruti di’s ipod.

I’ve been relaxing ever since!!


7 thoughts on “Another break!

  1. Its really been a long gap. Anyway, I think butter chicken would boost up my weight; too bad I’m vegan. You know I don’t even eat cakes unless I’m definitely sure they’re eggless. I had tortured myself for quite some time about the Domino’s Choco Lava cake before I discovered that it doesn’t have any egg.

    P.S.: I don’t like any board games now except chess (Remember I defeated Jones & Ishaan in the class ?)

  2. Still I’m vegan. And proud of it. And yes, please don’t compare it with celibacy; they’re completely different things; most people start ranting about how veganism is like celibacy and stuff. I’m so much into it now that even the thought of eating a fish makes me queasy.

  3. BTW, I’ve heard from Ishaan that seafood is the tastiest among non-veg. Is that true ? And have you tried rabbit meat ? My friends reckon its the softest meat among animals. Its readily available in Kullu u know; I myself saw the rabbit farms. And what about pork. Another friend saud that the pork meat of Dilli Haat sux although the pork momos are quite delicious. Another friend of mine, incidentallly also called Ishaan, has eaten a cow, but he says he did it by mistake; he thought it was pork. Once he got over the shock, he confessed that beef wasactually tasty. Not to mention the fact that he’s a brahmin.

    • Well, I thought ishaan was vegan as well.
      And yeah, sea food is actually pretty awesome. Prawns are my favourite.
      I havent tried rabbits yet and i do like pork. Never tried pork momos though. And beef wasnt really my thing.
      My uncle once tricked me into trying frog legs and i really liked it. Though I felt the need to barf when he told me what it actually was. That day, I learnt that information about things like food should always be taken from a reliable source

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