My limited experiences.

This one’s a short post about my day so yeah, the readers are spared this time.
Today I realized how limited my knowledge is about my hometown. I haven’t been to chandni chowk. Neither do I know where the famous places of Delhi are. Heck, I don’t even know the shops in the rajouri garden market which is the closes market place to my locality. But today I went to karol bagh market with my cousin and her parents after my coaching class. We had a shopping list given to us by my cousin and his wife and we were busy shopping. We all were pretty hungry because we didn’t have lunch or breakfast this morning. So we went to Roshan’s to have kulfi and other stuff. the food was really delicious but filling. We roamed around for some more time till our legs gave up on us and we decided to go home. They were staying at gurgaon so we decided to get back home first and then the driver would drop me back home for dinner.

So here I am, on my way back home, typing this down while we wait at the toll gate because of the idiots who pay with cash in the tag queue.
It’s been a long but nice day. The weather was awesome the whole day except the morning when it started raining and i had to rush to my institute.  I studied from 10 to 2:30 pm at the institute, got picked up from there, shopped for a while and finally going to reach home for dinner around 8 pm. Yes, I’m an early diner.

4 thoughts on “My limited experiences.

    • You havent been there yet??
      Man, it is one place you really should go to. Even though they havent changed the interiors since ages and you’ll have to wait and literally grab a seat, its actually worth it.

  1. Thanks for the tip about seat. I’ll keep that in mind.
    P.S.: You wrote 273 words, more than the max. allowed words on Twitter,ie,140 words, so this post is pretty much okay for me.

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