A day with a childhood friend

For those who dont know her yet, here I am, introducing my childhood friend and one of my first friends as far as i can remember. Her name is Tuhina Mehrotra and she is fondly called ‘Montu’ by her family members and a few friends. (She’s probably gonna kill me for writing this here)
We met each other when we were in kindergarten which is….13 years back (Yeah, this friendship dates back to the stone age) when I was about 5 years old. We used to be really good buddies back then. We grew up and together in the same section for 11 years. Unbelievable? Yes. Because our sections used to get shuffled every year except from fourth to tenth grade. We managed to stick together till 10th grade without any parental support of course, which means no letters from parents requesting the school authorities to change their ward’s section due to any reason (or excuse).

We sticked together through primary and secondary school with fights, some serious ones, and a lot of laughs. But we chose different subject streams in 11th grade, which was the reason we got separated. But by then, a lot of teachers had started recognizing us as best friends (atleast every teacher who had taught us in primary school. And mind you, our primary school was bigger than most schools).
Now this girl has a wonderful ability of making me laugh. She doesnt need jokes to crack me up. A simple look at each other’s face gets both of us laughing like idiots and it leaves the people around us wondering what happened. They always conclude that we both are lunatics though. Their reactions sometimes give us fits of laughter (especially me) and i dont stop till my stomach hurts. This particular thing still baffles our parents. image

In fact, she had her class assembly last year and she was on stage singing a group song. I caught her eye and winked. Suddenly she started laughing so hard that she started looking at the ceiling just to avoid looking at me.
Another thing I simply love about her is that nomatter how long we haven’t talked, the next time we catch up, she always talks as if we had just talked yesterday. This happens quite often because studying and living amongst classmates from two different worlds makes it hard to keep in touch and we both understand and accept that fact. We both have our own friend circles but we still make it a point to catch up with each other once in a while.

She’s the person (after my family) from whom I expect support even when I dont ask for it. Nomatter how busy she is, she always takes out time for me and sometimes even visits me (we live quite close. Not neighbours though. That gives her a reason to visit me without one anyway.)
She always takes care of those small things like wishing me on my birthday at midnight which does mean something. And she doesnt stop surprising me with gifts even when I forget wishing her on her birthday which makes me feel really guilty.

Sigh. That was one long arse introduction.

Anyways, I decided to visit her after my class a few days back. I spent the rest of the day at her home with her little sister Tanya, who looks like her xerox copy (it has been claimed by many).

We chatted about entrance exams and school, played a board game and had lunch, went to the roof and had a small water fight

after which we dried ourself in the awesome weather with thumbs up (in a pepsi bottle).

We chatted for a while after that till my mum came to pick me up. So to sum it up, it was a day filled with nostalgia and even more laughter.

5 thoughts on “A day with a childhood friend

  1. Man damn, this Pottermore thingy has completely had me addicted. I forgot everything else, including my own blog. Finally managed to shake myself to consciousness and upadted my blog, which reminded me of your blog. I had to unread posts waiting here. But the silver lining, I won 374 points for Slytherin. It seems like you are not interested in Pottermore, as you haven’t been Sorted yet. What’s the matter yaar ?

    • Arre I havent been using the desktop much ever since I got my smartphone. I even type my posts from this thing!
      Besides I have a phobia of addiction. As in I’m scared that I might get hooked to something so I dont go near it at all. Thats why Ive never read the Twilight series. Heck, I wouldnt have read the Harry Potter series if my mum hadn’t pushed me!
      So if someone recommends something to me, either I’ll make it a point to check it out (specially when it comes to food) or I’ll completely push it away.
      Do you find it weird?

  2. Thank God you haven’t read Twilight. I had the horrible experience of reading the first chapter of the first book, before I closed it in disgust. Hang on, I’m giving you a link, visit it: http://theoatmeal.com/story/twilight
    Meanwhile, let me confess that Pottermore is damn addicticve. I got to my PC at 7:00 pm and the next time I checked, it was 2:00 am. But then, it also depends upon the person. coz Chugh reckons that its boring so he updated his status as PotterBore on which I commented “stfu a-hole”. SO I think you’ve got to find that for yourself, if you find it addictive or not.

    • Yes, I noticed Chugh’s status. It did get me wondering if pottermore really is trash. But then, it was Arindam’s status, so I wont really go any further 😛
      Sadly this habit of mine is the reason that Ive missed on so many good stuff. Believe it or not, I haven’t even read Sherlock Holmes which is a pity. Then there is the endless list of classics.
      I’ll probably use the desktop after my AIEEE which is on the 29th.

  3. Don’t believe anything unless lots and lots of people are echoing that, coz not having read Sherlock Holmes even after the school life is over is nothing short of blasphemy to literature.

    P.S. – Hey, did you check out the twilight link ? Its hilarious, and I added a new post in my blog too, you can take a look if u want to.

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