Weight for me in the gym!!!

Firstly, I’d like to confess that the idea behind the title came from weight4us, the blog which does have some interesting posts like Ghost Story.

So coming back to this particular post, it’s about my first day at the gym. I haven’t been working out much and all the weight gained during exams seems to be taunting me. image

I was looking at my old photographs the other day. Not too old though. I saw how ‘normal’ I used to look almost a year back. I’ve been struggling to get back to my normal size simply because I’m too lazy to stick to my walking and jogging  routine. Everyone has been telling me that I look a lot more ‘healthier’ than I used to and it doesn’t suit me. Well, fat arms and a paunch doesn’t look good on anyone, does it?
Anyways, my mom and Garima di, my sister suggested that I start gymming. They both are fitness freaks.
To tell you the truth, I dont like gymming. I find it annoying when I run on the treadmill but I dont reach anywhere or get to enjoy the breeze or the weather. It’s like Im stuck at the same place forever.
So after being pushed around, I finally agreed to go to the gym with mom and try it.

Time for acceptance

Time for acceptance

We entered the gym she goes to and suddenly the atmosphere changed. I witnessed an entirely different breed of homo sapiens. There were three types of people there: ones who love gymming like mom and garima di, ones who really want to lose weight, and the ones who want to lose weight but dont particularly like gymming (which includes me)

I met the instructor and he started giving instructions for the warm up and all. I spent 40 mins there sweating my ass off which I used to think was impossible for me. I always believed that i cant sweat a much. At least not like my mom. I never sweat even while jogging. I guess the breeze did the thing.
So I felt beads of sweat trickling down my forehead after a long time. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a wet tomato instead of my face. Okay, not that red but yeah, a nice shade of pink.
After that session, my body felt so free. It felt as if my muscles had loosened up or something. Its a feeling Im finding hard to express but I guess most people will get it anyway. Mom didnt really work out much because her stomach was pretty full with rajma chawal which she had for lunch. Unfortunately, I dont get time for lunch because of the coaching classes.

I came back home with mom after that and realized that there was a guest at home. Gagan uncle, my dad’s friend from from office had come to hand sd cards for my phone and the camera. It was a bit awkward for me to greet him with my face still a bit sweaty.

To conclude, I guess mom was right. Gymming isn’t that bad!!

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5 thoughts on “Weight for me in the gym!!!

  1. Well, you’re already pink enough. I can imagine what you’d look like after a session in gym. Well I don’t go to gym, but I did when we were in school. Every PE period, if not playing volleyball, I was found running 2 km on speed 10, thats a lot, if you’ve ever visited the school treadmill. I didnt even believe that I could run 2 km non-stop until I did it. I mean ok, jogging is feasible, but running. I was panting like a dog after that.

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