DND service? It’s bullcrap!

I’m pretty sure that all of you must have been a victim of bulk advertising sms’ at some point. Yeah, I’m talking about those damned Sauna slim belt advertisements. And not to forget, those messages guaranteeing a date/whatever with ‘Sheila’, ‘Kamla’ and god knows who for ‘just rs. 7/min’.
I was stupid (or lazy) enough not to activate my DND (do not disturb) service earlier. So gradually, my inbox started flooding with such texts till the point I couldn’t take it anymore so I finally messaged a command to activate it.

That was the reply I got.
So I guess Ill have to ring up customer care and ask them to do something about it before I lose my mind.

FYI, I’m currently a Vodafone subscriber thinking of switching to Airtel. Long live MNP!

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