My first competitive exam which mattered – AIEEE

Well the title is kind of misleading. Heck, even the exams which are not supposed to be competitive (CBSE boards) have cut throat competition. Why? Because our Xth and XIIth standard boards’ result will be looked into for admission (yes, the dreaded word) in a good college.
Anyways, I had my AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) today. FYI, I’m not into engineering. AIEEE has two papers- one for B. Tech (engineering) and the other for B. Arch and B. Planning (architecture and town planning).
Obviously I sat for the second paper.
Honestly speaking, nobody I knew (including myself) was in the mood to study which kinda surprised me. I mean cmon, its the golden ticket (only if you are a god gifted child) to SPA (no, its nothing close to a spa. Its the best architecture college in India).
So I forced myself to study a bit out of some self respect (it was a pathetic attempt though). I studied for about 2 hours in the last 3 days before the exam.
My examination centre was Guru harkrishan public school, near India gate. So I guess popping my head out of the window at the sight of India gate got me in the mood of dealing with the paper instead of being scared of it. (My thanks to Edwin Lutyens)
I reached well on time, at 1 pm and the paper was supposed to commence at 2 pm. So I checked my room number and spotted a kid from my school, one from fiit jee (the institute I got tortured in for a few months) and three kids from my current institute. I could see that a lot of kids were giving the paper just for fun (the students) and a few were there cus they had nothing better to do. I chatted up with a friend and we expressed our anxiety regarding the paper (yeah, right!).
Finally the gate opened and there was a sudden movement which reminded me of the movement of water when the dam gates are opened.


We went to our respective rooms and the paper started on time. I noticed that about five people hadn’t turned up for the paper. One of them did after 15 mins though. The poor girl was panicking so much that she wasn’t able to write her roll number in words. The invigilator told her to calm down and rewrite.
Coming back to the paper, it was worth 390 marks and had 3 sections: 30 maths questions, 50 aptitude questions and 3 drawing questions. And they all had negative marking.
So I attempted 5 maths questions, 46 aptitude and all drawing questions. The drawing part had a question which required the abstract composition to be hatched and not shaded with colors. Now, most kids do not understand the difference between the two terms. Shading is basically filling the whole shape with colour while hatching is a technique where one draws parallel lines inside the shape. So that is one question a lot of people effed up (yes, it pays to read the whole question properly).
I finished the paper at the last moment and finally walked out to enjoy a nice face massage and cleansing at the salon.

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2 thoughts on “My first competitive exam which mattered – AIEEE

  1. Well my CET is on 27th May. So as of now, I can have some fun. And I’m having fun.

    P.S.: Your photo reminded me of my trip to Himachal Pradesh. The happy memories.

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