Change and balance – the essence of life

If you wonder about things like how nature works, the answer is quite simple. It works on the concept of change and balance.
Change is constant. Ironical, but yes, change is here to stay. Things will ALWAYS change with the course of time. Change is something you can observe everywhere. In fact, it happens even in our thinking and identity.

Imagine a world without change. The sun never rises/sets, flowers never bloom/wither. Day doesn’t change into night and vice versa. You’re stuck in the same old monotonous routine with the same old bunch of people. In other words, your life will be at a standstill. how boring is that?
Everything is meant to change in life – be it your outlook, situations, your relationships with people or your underwear (that is to be changed daily, by the way).
That’s another reason why one shouldn’t even define a ‘comfort zone’ because soon enough, one will be pushed out of it. And yes, time and situations pass. So if you’re stuck in a rut, don’t worry. Or if you’re at the peak of ‘success’ (depends on the way you define it), don’t be too jumpy about it, for it is bound to change soon enough. And no, I’m not asking you to get worried and insecure. That’s a pathetic way of survival because you aren’t living and enjoying the moment.
A change can be a good one or a bad one. Shit happens in life but thankfully, it doesn’t happen as often as the faecal matter produced by our excretory system. So one should never lose hope. Think of it like this:

Just when you think that it’s the end of the road, look again. It probably is just a sharp turn.       ~ Riddhi Takyar

FYI, that’s an original made up by me. So I WILL NOT give the credit to anyone else. B-)

Coming to the concept of balance, I can easily say that both of them work hand in hand. As in, there is a good change and a bad one. The good one is easy to live with, no doubts about that. But we fail to see its flipside and vice versa. The truth is that every situation has its pros and cons. Yin cannot exist without yang. Sounds familiar? Well, it should. So when you already know that bad things tend to happen, why not let em pass with a smile?
So whenever I am in a bad situation, be it the boards, getting busted, a failed relationship or even an identity crisis, I simply say those 4 magical words to myself – it’ll pass, you idiot!

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