NATA day + boards result

To start with, I’ll apologize for the long absence.
Yeah, it’s been a long ass time since I’ve written anything. Thanks to the self introspection I’ve been doing lately.
Coming to the point, I had my National Aptitude Test for Architecture (NATA) exam on the 28th of May. Yes, that was the day the boards result for XII std came out (as if NATA wasn’t enough to make me nervous).
I took about one and a half months to prepare for it and unlike some people think, sketching is not easy.
I had chosen an early date for my exam because of a college which had an early deadline. So I was one of the first ones to go for it. ( Yes, we get to choose our date for the exam and they give out the result in 3 days). I got up early and got ready as my exam was to start at 11 am at Sushant school of art and architecture which is in Gurgaon and it would take me about one and a half hour to get there.
We drove to the college and I reached well before the time of commencement of the exam. So I sat with my parents in the library where I met a batchmate from my school. We chatted a bit when dad suddenly spoke in between and asked me to have a look in his ipad.
He had opened the CBSE website and was showing me my result!
I couldn’t stop myself from having a look and I calculated my aggregate. It was a surprising 82.4%.
Obviously, I got the lowest score in Physics. I scolded my dad for showing me the result just before the exam which I had clearly asked him not to. But I was pretty happy with it so I didn’t mind much.
The clock striked 11 and I went in the computer lab where the invigilators were sitting while the kids were attempting the online test.
Now, NATA has two tests: first is the drawing test which is for 100 marks with a time limit of one hour and the other is the online test for aesthetic sensitivity for 100 marks which doesn’t have a time limit but a definite number of questions with variable weightage which depends on the student’s frequency of answering a question correctly. I took my stuff and entered the other hall for the drawing test after verification with the invigilators.
The seats were of the long type with space for 3 students. So I sat next to a guy who had already done half his paper. Sadly, he was using his eraser a lot more frequently than his pencil, which made the table rock rather violently as he erased god knows what on his answer sheet. I silently stared at him as he kept on erasing as I had to stop sketching in between which irritated me. Now I do not mean to be rude or anything, but I really couldn’t make out what he had drawn.
I became so hungry as I sketched that my stomach made noises but I completed the three questions and came out. I noticed the parents waiting outside trying hard to peek into my sheet. I went to the invigilators and handed my paper. They asked me to go to the cafeteria and have a 10 minute break. I had a few sandwiches as I revised the theory questions for my online test.
I went back to the lab where I sat down for the online test and the questions were pretty mind boggling. I got 49/100 which kinda disappointed me, but the invigilator said that I might make it to their college which lifted my spirits a bit.
I went back home after that and had a small celebration with my parents at night.
Three days later, my score was declared to be 110/200 and dad sent the score to Sushant school of arts and architecture the next day. He got a call on the same day asking me to come for counselling on the next day which I did. After 2 and a half hours of waiting there with my slightly irritated dad and highly bored mom, they announced the result. And guess what…..


2 thoughts on “NATA day + boards result

    guess wt?i also wanna pursue architecture..Can u plz tell me if i will gt in2 sushant school as i have got-
    I will more than happy for ur rply!! 🙂

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