Post admission boredom

My coaching classes are finally over and I’m done with competitive exams, though appeared for only three.
I’m sure a lot of us make plans for the free time after exams and end up doing nothing. My situation is no less. I recall how I had thought that I’ll have so much fun once my entrances get over. Fuck entrances, I’ve even got admission in a good college but I simply don’t have anything to do!! And all this free time makes me kinda cranky and irritated.
Firstly, everyone isn’t done with entrances. The ones who are, live a bit far from my home and my dad isn’t fine with me travelling via metro ( Wtf. Metros are safe. They even have a women’s compartment! ). So basically, I can’t have fun and roam around before or during exams which I’m fine with and I can’t do that even after exams?!?!!
That’s just not fair!!
I can’t even use the phone for slightly long durations simply because my parents don’t like it and my eyes have just become weaker. So I can’t text much, or read ebooks. God knows how I am typing this post on my smartphone.
So all I do is sit at home, try to make plans ( even small ones will do ) and step out rarely to meet my friends like I did yesterday. The worst part: there are some friends who have planned multiple trips and outings and I know I can’t be a part of them! So it gets a bit painful when they start talking about their plans. Even right now, I’m sitting in my room with nothing to do, bored to the extent of sleeping!!

What do I do now??? Ideas, anyone??

4 thoughts on “Post admission boredom

  1. congrats on your result. why dont you (top 5 off the top of my head)
    1) watch a bunch of tv shows
    2) enter a bodybuilding competition
    3) learn unicycling
    4) get consoles and play (who said its just for guys)
    5) learn to cook extremely spicy things.

    • Well, the first one won’t make my parents so happy. (weak eyes + tv = ‘mote mote chashme’)
      The second one is a good one though. Thanks!
      I’m trying to upgrade and move up from an electric scooty to a car and you’re recommending a unicycle??!?!
      The fourth one has the same problem as the first.
      I guess I’ll try cooking stuff which at least I’m able to eat.

      Thanks anyway!

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