Swimming pool – heaven on Earth

Water. It’s such an awesome liquid. A universal solvent and essential for life. We, along with other living things obviously depend on it for survival. Supply is limited, yet we exploit it. Now, swimming in a pool is also a way of exploiting it. Yet I love it so much that my brain tends to get a bit confused at times so as to criticize or appreciate it.
Yeah, we can swim in the ocean or a lake or a pond but hey, salt and muck in the eyes hurt a lot more than the chlorine in the pool water.

Coming back to the point ( Sorry, I get a bit carried away with my thoughts and emotions at times. Though I shouldn’t do that. It takes a lot of unnecessary space in the post. Not that I’m worried about something as trivial as the length of the post. But hey, I’ve got to keep the reader interested, right?
Damn it. I got carried away again )
So where was I?
Damn it, how would you know? I haven’t even mentioned a single thing about my thought.
Yeah, I finally recall ( Oh god, I feel so old! ) thinking of swimming pools.
It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve let a mixture of chlorine and water touch my skin and yeah I had been missing it a lot. So I was pretty excited when dad finally agreed to take me for a swim.
I reached the pool at 7:15, slightly late but enthusiastic nevertheless. I quickly changed my clothes and walked out. I couldn’t help but grin when I saw the water and the people in it already. So I quietly slipped into it and the feeling of water all around me relaxed me immediately. I went underwater and I felt as if I was in a different world. It’s serene and quiet yet you can hear that characteristic sound you hear under water. I opened my eyes (not recommended. Eyes may get really red afterwards. Chlorine isn’t good for eyes) and saw the apparent blue color of the water and the blue mosaic tiles reflecting light. It was beautiful.

Then I decided to go for a lap and my arms,legs and lungs set to work. I usually do the breast stroke because it was the only stroke my father had taught me when I was younger. So I did some freestyle and it didn’t feel like I haven’t swam for 4 years. In fact, it was quite easy and effortless. So I finished a few laps before relaxing some more. I rested against the wall in the deep end and let go. I sank in the water and I saw how deep it was (and how a pair of sisters were pulling each other’s legs, quite literally) and sprang up to the surface.
After a few more laps, we were asked to get out (indicated by a whistle) and went back to the changing room where I got back in my clothes and came out to see my father waiting for me. By the time I reached home, the dinner was ready. We ate after which I realized that I was kinda tired after all the gymming and swimming during the day so I decided to go to sleep earlier than usual. And man, I had a lovely nap!

Image stolen from Google images

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