Shopping for a pair of jeans – pain in the ass!

Well, college is about to start with one month left so it was high time for me to start looking for some new stuff – apparel, of course.

I had to start with a pair of jeans because they’re the basics of a wardrobe. Sadly, the perfect fitting in these basic things are the hardest to find, specially for women. I don’t know about men but it’s probably easier for them because they lack curves. But a woman has to make sure that the jeans are just right at the waist, hips, thighs and calves. Sometimes, the jeans hug the hips just perfectly but leaves a gap at the waist which leads to the compulsion of wearing a long tee to hide that butt crack which gives an eyesore to the person standing behind. Embarrassing, no?

I personally prefer mid rise to low waist jeans. The latter sometimes feels like its about to come off!! Specially when you’ve lost some weight. Plus, most tees can’t hide much when you wear a low waist jeans.

Honestly speaking, I have a lot of pairs of jeans in my closet. But like most people, I wear only 2 pairs because either the others don’t fit anymore, or well, they don’t feel like they used to! 😛
So we went to a Pepe Jeans store in one of the malls close to my home and I tried on the same type I was wearing at that moment (I usually get my jeans from there). Somehow, that pair didn’t feel comfy at all which was weird because I wear the same size and the same design and I already have 2 of those. So I decided to drop it and my mom suggested that we go to the nearby Levis store instead. I was not that eager because I generally don’t like their jeans’ fit. They are all so straight. But the sales girl asked me to try their Curve id jeans which were specially designed to fit women of various proportions. I think they are a blessing for all women. They have 3 types of designs based on the 3 most common shapes observed amongst women – the slight curve: for women with slightly boyish figure (small butt), the demi curve: for women having the coveted hour glass figure (medium butt) and bold curve: for women who are bottom heavy (Beyonce butt). I tried on a few pairs and I found out the the demi curve ones fit me like a glove! I was so happy to finally have found a perfect pair of jeans!! So I picked one of their skinny demi curve jeans in a very light shade and happily went home after buying a few more things and some stuff for dad.



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