Hostel and college – Day one

The highly awaited college life got kick started as i unpacked my stuff in my room. From a good room, an awesome view from the balcony to my two nice roommates, Aastha and Radhika (with entirely different taste in music), hostel life really ought to be fun!
The first day at hostel was really exciting as I helped one of my roommates unpack. Aastha was in my school which i realized when I noticed the familiarity of her face. And they both knew each other since they were in the same coaching institute. So it didn’t take us more than 5 minutes to get comfortable around each other. We talked and had our evening snacks in the mess ( FYI, the food is good. I don’t know why they call it a ‘mess’ ). Then we walked around as we observed our seniors and they observed us. No, I haven’t been ragged….yet.
We had dinner after which all the girls collected in the common room for attendance at 9 where the warden explained some rules and regulations. We went back to our rooms where we relaxed a bit. Then I got a call from a fellow hostelier to come to the opposite room where all the freshers had gathered for introduction, minus the seniors. We went back to our respective rooms at 10:30 and collapsed on our beds. We talked, played Uno, ludo and had some snacks after which we started laughing over something which i can’t remember…but man, we laughed long and hard. But then we realized that we had to sleep for our first day of college on the next day, so we finally slept around 1 am. We thought that we had our orientation at 8:30 so we set 4 alarms for 5:30 am to stay on the safe side. We had a facepalm moment when we realized that its at 9:30 and we were the first kids to get all ready and dressed up in formals (somewhat) for the orientation. We went to the B block to get ourselves registered and get our documents verified where I found 4 people from from my coaching institute.


Me and Aastha spent time with them and I had lots of fun together. Later, the architecture students were gathered in an lecture hall in the architecture building where we wrote our name, a random number between 1 and 12, a role model and a hobby on a paper plane, flew and exchanged them with the other 120 students. Then one of the faculty members picked up some paper planes randomly and made 4 groups of six people based on the number written on the paper plane. I got pulled out from the crowd which initially gave me jitters but then i was joined with another girl and some more kids joined me in group 4. We all started talking and introduced ourselves on stage and then each group was given a task, a scene to enact on stage with 5 minutes for preparation. My group was asked to enact a zoo scene. My first thought – this is so appropriate. We all went outside and prepared as another group acted and we heard roars of laughter inside. We decided for me to play a penguin with a cold. Yes, I can imagine the smile/smirk on your face. We had a lot of fun enacting the scene and then we roamed in the campus till our day scholar friends decided to go back home. We went back to the room and i watched a movie as others had dinner. We reported to the common room at 9 and our warden asked us to give a brief introduction to our seniors after which the warden went out and gave the seniors 20 minutes to ‘interact’ with us. We danced crazily, sang songs like that of the nirma advert, and some 90’s bollywood songs. After that we went back in our rooms, where i started typing. And now I’m yawning.
Time to sleep and relax for another day of orientation!

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