Trip to Chandigarh – a one day journal

9:15 AM, Panipat:
Have you ever come across the feeling when you’ve got admission in a considerably good college and have even started attending classes but your parents keep looking forward to counselling in a better college? Okay I’ll come to the point here. My dad wants us to go all the way to Chandigarh to attend the counselling of Chandigarh college of architecture which has only 3 seats for students outside Chandigarh. Who am I kidding? I have no chances of making it. The college comes up in the top 4 architecture colleges in India ( you may look it up on Google ). But since I had nothing to do, and I was at home for the weekend, we decided to go on Saturday (today) and buy my remaining stationary items on Sunday.
I knew it would be a waste of time and petrol (it is expensive, yaar. Thankfully, our Baleno doesn’t drink petrol). But then I knew I won’t be doing much at home. So I decided to come on the condition that I’ll drive ( I just got my licence and Im pretty eager to get my hands on the wheel for a longer drive ). But then dad refused to let me drive so Im sitting on the backseat, typing all this and wondering why didn’t I get my earphones.

9:30 AM – dad pulls over after almost an hour silent treatment.

9:45 AM – I pull over to let dad come back cus i had forgotten to use the seatbelt.

10:00 AM – I finally find mum’s earphones in the car. There is still justice in this world. But damn, can’t message or call anyone. I’m on roaming and I ain’t rich.

10:35 AM, Kurukshetra –
Dad decides to show us around his college. And I decide to take in the surrounding views and the music as he keeps talking about his classmates who were awesome swimmers, founder of liberty footwear, registrar in some university etc.


You don’t get to see this in Delhi

10:45 AM – He shows us around the university and places he can recall as I get an urge to pee.

NIT, Kurukshetra starts here.

10:55 AM – We roam around in his college And he happily shows his nice and huge campus as I remind him that Im still holding it.

The engineering department

11 AM – My bladder is relieved and I crash into a pillar as I type. I wonder how can a government institute be so good and well maintained. I crack up as he told us where he was ragged and made to roll on the grass in the monsoon and when he and a couple of more fourth year guys looted a shop in the campus, ‘Omi Somi’, cus the shop keeper was a pain in the ass. So some of them filled their lungis with kaju and books and returned to the hostel in their undies in the middle of the night. These guys sure had fun in the hostel.

Dad outside his hostel building

11:45 AM, Sharifgarh –
Car sickness takes over. But music helps.

12 PM – Me and mum exchange seats. I plug in my phone with the aux cable and I am in peace.

12:15 PM, Ambala – I’m dancing in my seat.

12:50 PM, Chandigarh – Reached Chandigarh!!

1:20 PM – Reached gymnasium, Punjab university.

2:30 PM – sitting for counselling after lunch at the canteen, wondering what to do for the next one hour.

3:15 PM – Feeling uneasy. The heat is getting to me.

5:10 PM – Admission denied, as expected. Going back home now, with a pissed off father. As if I could’ve got that last seat. Sigh.
Chalo, lets plug in the phone again.

6:10 PM, somewhere outside Chandigarh – 216 kms away from Delhi, I drove a bit and screwed up at a red light. Dark clouds are seen on NH 1. A clear separation of the wet road from the dry part is seen on the highway and it suddenly starts raining heavily. The sound from the stereo is submerged under the music of the rain drops on the windshield and roof. Perfect setting for a romantic track.
Ye suhana mausam!

6:20 PM, Ambala – The rain stopped. But the water has collected as it usually does. We have impeccable drainage systems. A truck driver takes his truck along the edge splashing a lot of water. We see three youths who clearly noticed the truck and all the water, yet they don’t move back to avoid the water. We watch them as they get bathed in the  water and we all laugh our asses off, including those three.

6:44 PM – We stop at Ambala Haveli, mistaking it for another place. Mum buys snacks as I sneak a drag from dad.

7 PM – I dance in my seat again, to ‘take on me’.

7:03 PM – We notice a rainbow. And I noticed the secondary rainbow for the first time. So beautiful!! And singing along to ‘we didn’t start the fire’.


7:15 PM – Mum insists on putting on just another day by Jon Secada, despite my rebellion. And I wish I had a better camera.

7:30 PM, passing Kurukshetra – We notice that the car’s headlights are almost dead. That calls for service. And the driver’s window’s lever got tilted which needs to be fixed as well.

7:35 PM, Karnal – We notice a truck moving and swerving in and out, tailing another truck like a joystick. Highly amazed at first but slightly scared later, we overtake it. We reach the toll gate, pay Rs. 90, and dad’s window doesn’t roll up properly.

7:45 PM – He finally manages to roll it up. The roads are dark. And our headlights are not that good. Dad leans on the wheel and drives.
Holy crap. The monster truck returns.

Thanks to the brilliant headlights….

8 PM – We stop at Karnal Haveli for dinner, where me and dad fix the window temporarily and we realize that the headlights were not throwing enough light because they got covered with mud while driving in the rain. The place looks beautiful with chaarpais and lots of Punjabi music in the backdrop and lots of lights and a kid doing a folk dance in the open area. I spotted a brown horse who I didn’t wish to scare with the flash. I try observing the legs as he/she walked with a kid on the back. The hind legs had a cat walk while the front ones moved like a human’s. I petted him later as he bent his neck and dad asked me to hurry up.

Nice, na?

Anyways, I washed my hands. And i gtg. Dinner time!!

8:35 PM – The food made me realize that I had never had real Punjabi food in my life till now. Punjabi by nature ought to burn in hell. But I wish we had the kind of appetite to finish all of it. Now I know why are Punjabi people and surds so jolly. Good food does that to people. I really expect myself to pass out in the car within minutes of driving out, because the place is so lively that it won’t let me sleep while Im there.

9:30 PM, Sonepat – Dad wakes me up cus he feels sleepy watching me sleep and he does not want to repeat the Miami episode.
For those who don’t know, he dozed off while driving on a highway in Miami with a five year old me in the car along with Garima di and mum.

10 PM, Panipat – Everyone’s up. Back to singing out loud.

11:15 PM, New Delhi – Reached home and found my new laptop on my bed!
Now here goes my sleep.

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