Chills running down my spine
Looking down on the floor
My clothes drenched in wine
I still have a place to go

Mistakes to be repeated
New to be made
Enemies to be defeated
And killed with this blade

I ain’t falling, I ain’t going anywhere
I look all around me
There’s nobody left to spare
Emptiness around me
There are no emotions to share
Oh wait, I see a girl
A girl who used to care
Curled on the floor
Her scarred face covered with her hair

With her eyes wide open
This girl used to dream
Now she crouches in the corner
And I can hear her scream

I turn to her,
walking with the knife
she tries to get up
scared of the ongoing strife

with one swift move
She falls slowly to the ground
As her life flashes by
And her body waits to be found

Her pleading voice echoes in my head
As I drop the knife, start running
And I find myself sweating on the bed
I look at the clock, its time to get ready
But I go back to sleep instead

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