Moments of nostalgia

You taught me how to run
You taught me how to fight
We used to have so much fun
while you taught me what is right
Those bright, vivid memories
haunt me today
When i think of my childhood
sitting on the bed where i used to play

moments of nostalgia
when i listen to your favourite song
moments of nostalgia
i wonder what went wrong
you gave me smiles,
you gave me laughs
now we’ve walked a million miles
and all i have are moments of nostalgia

I keep calling out for you
But all i hear is echo
in this darkness, i need a clue
when i dont even know where im supposed to go

I cant sleep, there’s a void i need to fill
but i know that no one can fit the bill
im stuck in these moments of nostalgia
closing my eyes while i stay still

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