The beautiful life I had
I was living a dream for sure
Those little disappointments weren’t so bad
At least not now anymore

Those little tears of happiness
They seem so uncelebrated
Now a little smile in this stress
Seems like a blessing long awaited

I’ve waited for so long
To get my lost freedom back
I’ve been told to stay strong
But my will has a crack

This isn’t where I belong
But I don’t have a choice
I can’t tell you that you’re wrong
Cause you’ve stolen my voice

I wish I could break free
But I’m so tired of trying
I’m sick of watching you control me
And I can’t hear my soul crying

I wish I could walk away
I wish I could go
But I’m forced to stay
As you keep stroking your ego

I might have smiled all the way
But did you see one from the heart?
I really don’t have much to say
But hiding is also an art

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