Yet again

How much pain can you take
Before the curtain falls on your grave?
How many smiles can you fake
And say that was all you had and all you gave?

How many times do you stumble
Just to know that life ain’t fair
But do you learn not to go too close to the fire?
Or do you let your soul burn in the flare?

Yet again you jump in deep water
Just to get swallowed by its darkness
You choose to become disappointment’s daughter
Ready to go through the knife’s sharpness
Yet again, you ask
What did you get?
Other than happiness that didn’t last
And a spiritual bloodshed?

What does it take to kill the child
The one who’s impulsive and wild?
The one whose emotions know no bounds?
The one who dared and shared?
The one who reacts to every sound?
And the one who refuses to stay scared?

He fights; he tries to reason, yet again
He tries to be strong
Tries to stop his efforts get washed in the rain
Little does he know
That growing up is a pain

Let the child get buried in his own ashes
His efforts to get out shall be in vain
Let him die with his mistakes
But he will try to come back, yet again….

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