Founder’s day

The 31 of August is celebrated every year at Sushant school of Art and Architecture as the ‘Founder’s day’ marking Padma Shree M. M. Rana, the founder dean’s birthday.

On this day, every student of the college is asked to wear traditional clothes (and minimal makeup) for the event. This year’s founder’s day was from 10:30 to 12:30 on a normal working day (yeah right, with mass bunks).

The college was deserted from 8:30 to 10:30 after which students in different colours started pouring in. Students and faculty members were running around to get the freshers inside the lecture hall where we collected and sat down. There was a speech by Rana sir with a few alumni speeches after which, Rana sir was gifted a canvas painting, a portrait of himself, wall painting with his image in black and white and a calendar… all made by the students.

We had the cake cutting ceremony at the amphitheatre (a.k.a. amphi) after which the faculty members left with Rana sir. We were going to get ragged again. And this time, we all were eager.
We all were told to tie our hair and put on the name tags with our ragging name(s) on it. Then the boys with the most interesting (read pervert) ragging names were called and made to do the most pervert but hilarious things that got us cracking up like maniacs. The freshers who got ragged clearly had a lot of fun doing their ‘acts’.
Just in case you’re wondering, my ragging names are ‘aadhi sunshine’ and ‘raunchy’ (long story, don’t ask. And no, its nothing pervert).

Then Shitij Dogra, a senior shouted “saare bolo” and everyone followed with shouts of “jai jai Sushant” which could be heard at every corner of AIT and we kept on shouting till he ran out of ideas which took a while.

We dispersed after the batch photograph and the faculty members came back for the lectures. Me and my class left as our lecture had been cancelled. The B section went on a mass bunk (which didn’t quite work out well as the students were later on confronted by the assistant dean) and the A section went back to their studio….well, at least a few of them did. We all gathered outside and clicked some more photos and the camera owners were threatened to upload them on the same day on Facebook (typical).

Me and the hosteliers went to the mess for our evening snack as all of us had missed breakfast and we were hungry, while the day scholars went out or home with friends.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was wearing a black kurti with a borrowed red (or whatever colour that is) patiala. B-) 😀

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