Hostel treasure hunt!

Hostel just became more fun as if it wasn’t enough already.
The hostel wardens and all decided to organize a treasure hunt for the hosteliers to help us interact with each other and get along. The rules were simple. There were teams of five and they had different clues hidden all over the campus except inside the buildings and some restricted areas. Each team consisted of 2 seniors, 2 freshers and a random person. The first few teams qualified for the next round and there would be a surprise gift for the winning team members.

We collected at the football field and all got divided into teams and I had Gurusha and Aniket as the seniors, and Aishwarya and Manish as the freshers along with me.

So our first clue was to find Kurt Cobain and his guitar in the campus which immediately reminded me of the Kurt Cobain graffiti near the basket ball court and we all ran towards the sports complex (Yes, I’ve surprisingly started playing a few sports). We found our clue and it started raining soon afterwards. We qualified to the next round along with many others and I had to run back to my room and change my tee. I ran out of the lift and was stopped dead on the way by the sight of a monkey near my room, eating potatoes. I slowly went to my neighbour’s room which was unlocked and desperately asked Yashasvi to open up. She did and i went in to take some stuff, gathered some courage and stepped out to unlock my room while the monkey munched on the potatoes and stared at me. I went in, let out a sigh of relief and changed quickly, I opened the door to go out and found the monkey right in front of it, staring at me. I swiftly closed the door and decided to wait for a bit. After a few minutes, i opened up and went out. The monkey had gone downstairs to the fourth floor and i could hear some girls screaming. I chuckled to myself as i went inside the elevator and informed the guard as i left the building.

I ran back to my team and found out that they had found the clue and were waiting for the third. The third one was rather tricky. It had asked us to click a snap of a ‘hollow for exhaust with no fan’. We divided and ran to the Sushant building to find one, but Aniket had found one and called us back. When we reached, we realized that it was too late and we hadn’t qualified for the next round. The rain had stopped and we all said our goodbyes and joined our other ‘disqualified’ friends. We noticed a rainbow as Anand bhaiya connected his phone to the speakers and everyone sang along to the ‘Yo yo’ Honey Singh songs.Rainbow!
The qualified teams ran around as we sang, clicked some photos
and played with Brownie (the name represents the obvious description) and Champa, the campus’ overfriendly dogs.

The game got over and everyone got chocolates (that fixed my chocolate craving) while the winners got some more gift wrapped junk food. We enjoyed the beautiful rainbow and happily ate our chocolates while Brownie nudged us to pass some as we walked back to the hostel buildings.

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