Monkey attack!!

It was a Wednesday night with loads of work to finish – the usual shit.

Slogging it out…..

and killing moths.

Do ignore the two pigtails. They ARE NOT usual.
Me and my room mate had decided to stay up and work on out assignments till completion and after staying up till 3:30 in the morning, I decided to get some sleep and finish the English bond foundation draft next morning and skip breakfast (and maybe a class too). You see, I had decided to finish my assignment a day before the submission day. I had finished two drafts and this one was the last and probably the most time consuming one.
So I woke up next morning at 6:30 and got back to work. I finished my last draft by 10:15 and got out on time for the BC class (read Building materials and Construction tech.). I reached the studio and gave some finishing touches to the drafts and submitted them. They were left for grading on the desk with the other students’ drafts and we were asked to move to the next room for a presentation. We were asked to leave our stuff unpacked so that we could get back to work after the break. As usual, we locked the room and the whole class left and roamed about in the college. We got back and peered through the windows and saw 2 small monkeys inside the studio!
They quickly jumped through the window and ran off. We poured in to find foot prints on some ammonia rolls and I went to my place joking about thief monkeys. Then I noticed something. My pencil kit wasn’t there. I chuckled and looked around to find it lying somewhere. Nothing. So I cracked another lame joke on thief monkeys when it hit me. It had about 7-8 Steadtler pencils in it. And each darn pencil cost me about 50 bucks. Brilliant. But hey, thank god they didn’t take my bag so my wallet was safe inside. I got to know that there was another girl who had lost her pencil kit. Me and a couple of guys peered out of the window for a sign of our stuff. We spotted the girl’s pencil kit on the foot path so she went to collect it. I went after her to look for my kit. I looked around and searched for my favourite blue plastic wire net kit but in vain. I finally found my cutter and a few pencils lying on the ground along with some chewed pencils. I picked them up and stuffed the unharmed ones in my bag and left for lunch. We all had chocolate pudding with lunch in the mess and a lot of laughs. Then we went back to class and I helped a friend complete his foundation draft. Meanwhile, I got a text from a friend telling me about India Today’s ‘Youth Summit’ on the next day. So I gave my name at the last moment for it and tried my best to secure my pass. It’ll be from 7 am to 9 pm and we’ll be getting full attendance for tomorrow. Best part: I wont have to slog again to start and complete my model which is due tomorrow. I love the fact that I’ll be able to sleep properly tonight without the burden of deadlines. Any ways, we all then gathered around out professor’s table and got our sheets graded.

Guess what….

I topped in my section AGAIN. Hah!

4 thoughts on “Monkey attack!!

  1. ROFLMAO yaar !, It loox like those apes might’ve reckoned that the Steadtler pencils would be a real exotic delicacy before discovering the harsh truth. HA HA HA HA HA ! Keep writing dudette !

    P.S. – I agree; the pigtails really are not usual at all.

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