Food for thought…..

No, I’m not going to discuss anything related to culinary stuff here. These are just some thoughts in my mind which I find it rather hard to communicate with someone. So here they are in the open.

A concept in my mind, not really sure if it has already been defined:
As a new generation is born, an older one gets wiped out. And hence, I call it the generation wipeout – a term to define the phenomenon which is realized when a number of elderly people of the same age, give or take, leave their bodies behind and let their ‘spirits’ free, i.e., they die.

A question has been bothering my mind for years:
What we humans see, is it all the same? For instance, what are these colours: red, blue and all? We are simply told by pointing at a colour that this is red and that is yellow. Yet, is the hue of this so called ‘yellow’ same to the teacher as it is to the child? Is there any way to prove that it is or it is not? I don’t think so. Not unless we develop a technology to actually view what a person is looking at and what is he seeing it as, as in telepathy. Even then, the person with that ability or technology might view those results differently in his own mind, if you can understand what I mean.

Another question on the tendency of animals, including humans, to be interdependent:
Nature, or ‘the creator’, or God (you name it) has given us everything we need for survival. Both flora and fauna provide us with food, water and even shelter. Moreover, we humans have been given the exceptional gift of understanding and mental abilities. Yet we say that we ‘need’ somebody as a companion. Be it as a spouse, a friend, a progenitor, an offspring or even a mentor. But why? Why are we all so hungry for companionship? and why is this hunger so insatiable that no matter how many friends (or facebook friends) we have, we’re always looking for more? What is this need to live together? I have nothing against world peace, heck, I support it. But why is there a desire for an emotional support, or a patient ear to listen to our ranting? Why are most of us so insecure and scared of being alone? Why is it so important for us to share out emotions and secrets when there is clearly no need to? Doesn’t that simply contradict the concept of keeping a secret, or even of a secret itself?
I’m not saying that I don’t feel like that, but I’m just curious so I’m questioning it.

Another question:
What is normal? How do you define normality? Not the scientific term of course.
Is trying to be different normal? Or is trying to fit into a crowd and being cool considered to be normal? Why is society so selective and unaccepting? Why do we honour and love normality so much that we label the different people as ‘weird’, ‘crazy’ or even ‘insane’? And no, I’m not talking about people in mental asylums.
Talking about asylums, let’s consider the ‘insane’ people who don’t do any sort of harm to self or others. What do they think of us? I suppose they think that we’re crazy and they’re normal.

Another thing:
Have you ever felt that strong feeling, not sure if it’s happiness, but its so strong that it gives me goosebumps. Ughhh….got lost in words again. Yeah, so I was talking about the feeling you get when you’re idle and suddenly you get this rush of emotions thanking your existence. Weird, is it?
I used to get that feeling a lot. It has decreased a lot lately. I don’t remember the last time I had it.
It’s like suddenly you get this feeling and you feel so grateful to a power, energy or as some people call it: ‘God’; That moment is so ecstatic, that it blows my mind. What is that feeling and do you feel that way too?

Whoa, I guess that’s a lot of questions for one day. And I gotta rush for dinner. The mess will close soon, and I can’t find my slippers.


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