Mixing work with pleasure

Who had thought that one could have fun while doing the design assignment? I never did. And I’m sure neither did anyone else in Vyjayanti’s stuffed car.

See the expression?

Okay let’s rewind….

So we had to bunk the projects class (not to my family’s delight) to click some photographs of natural and built environment with a visible separation of spaces. We all collected at the gate and decided to stuff ourselves in Vyjayanti’s  SX4.

Vyjayanti under the sun

On the way to the main gate…

Our three teams of two got together and decided to go to a monument for the assignment.  We chose Humayun’s tomb because it has the Indian Habitat Centre in the vicinity and that would help in clicking natural an built environment. We went to Vyjayanti’s home to do finish some work . Half of them exploited her scanner while the rest of us had a bowl full of yummy masala maggi (not advertising).

All energized!!

We set off after half an hour or so and it took us more than 2 hours to reach the maqbara (tomb) and we kept regretting our decision of going by car instead of the metro which would have been faster and more comfortable.

So, we got out and stretched our backs and legs which seemed to have died during the journey and got out bags out.


Passes? Check.

Camera? Check.

Brains? Damn. Never mind.

So we went around the place, looking for different views and some interesting ones. Picture this: 6 friends together at a monument with cameras in hand. What will they do? Click each other, of course!

So we clicked some good stuff:

Humanyu's Tomb....and the lovely day


And some stupid stuff:

I jumped….wait for it

…..and got hurt.

Nevertheless, we had fun.

Me and Vyjayanti 🙂

After which, we headed to the Indian Habitat Centre where we clicked some more work related photos and had some snacks since we all had skipped lunch. And yeah, we picked up a jumbo cookie for my roomie.

Radhika with the Gems studded jumbo cookie

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