Eat pray love? Heck no.

What is the first thought you get when you enter college apart from getting ‘more freedom’? It’s got to be your parents and society accepting the fact that you’re old enough to date now. But when will we actually be mature and smart enough to handle it? And even if we get there, will we have the time and patience for it? I’m sure my parents will be glad when they’ll read this. Imagine their relief! Getting back to the point. I remember my elder sister getting her permission to date when she entered college and started living in a hostel. So I was excited too. I mean, I hate hiding stuff from them. Because:

1. They always get to know.

2. They never like what they get to know.

3. They ALWAYS get to know.


Besides they say they have only one reason to stop me: It always affects my studies They have a point. It actually does. But then, I decided to handle it by getting back on track with my studies first. But now I stop and think, do I really have time for this? I mean heck, architecture sucks the the life out of me. I barely get enough time to take out for my family or even meet them. I even ‘watch’ movies without actually watching it cus I have to work. But somehow, the course sprinkles enough excitement to keep me hooked. Besides, why will I waste my precious time and grey matter on some idiot who’ll piss me off, fight with me and make me worry half of the time?  I’d rather draft my way to glory, or finish my design work, or draft new structures and systems which I never knew existed!! It is such a vast world, and we are surrounded by architecture all around. Apparently my teachers are right, we need to eat, pray and love architecture, even sleep, walk and talk architecture in order to get in the depths of the subject. Even then, it is never enough because there is no end to it. Sometimes, I skip my meals to get my work done or simply cus I’m too tired. And do I pray?? Oh, yeah I do. I pray 5 minutes before a jury or exam and kept praying before getting the admit card. Thankfully, I’m not debarred from any subject. Whoopee!!

Anyway, I haven’t been able to take out any time for meeting my family except my dad who visits me on and off for like 10 mins in two weeks because of my semester exams. But I’m looking forward to some fun and relaxing once I get a break. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder na. I can’t believe I’m writing a post on how I don’t have time for anything.


Anyway, I should scoot now. It’s dinner time and I’m hungry. See you around!

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2 thoughts on “Eat pray love? Heck no.

  1. 🙂 the correct choice.. I can’t agree more. Well, I can’t agree more because I love this girl from 3 1/2 years(i.e. since like first day of college) but I decided I wudn’t let any of this affect her academics..So its like another half year of waiting.. But the thing is she now likes someone else who did all the idiotic things you described…Anyway its nice to see a woman make that choice, brave and respectable. 🙂 good luck..

    • Thank you!
      And that is just sad. She probably doesn’t deserve you anyway. Waiting is one hard thing to do! Trust me, I know. Worst part: it wasn’t even worth it. A guy like you is worth a lot more….so don’t worry, stay focused, and you’ll get what you deserve.
      All the best!!

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