Ode to Ego

Gliding on the floor with pride

without a care in the world

What do you have to hide?

maybe the sinner inside you, curled

About to be untied


Why let your nose in the air to be?

Is it the abundance of fame

and the drought of humility

or is it knowledge of the game?

misconception, ignorance, and stupidity


What do you pride in yourself for?

Seeing the folk as low lives

giving you a chance to scoff

and looking down on those who strive

you simply brush them off


But who am I to point out?

I’m no saint or sage

Nor do I have the right to shout

even if I have fits of rage

What do I have to worry about?

You’re just another line on a page

With pride you prance about

on this grand stage

2 thoughts on “Ode to Ego

  1. Being egoistical and thinking you are better than anyone else is too much at times. Of course, sometimes it might be true, but still. Good poem, Ridhz. Liked the ending lines especially.

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