10 Things you’ll only catch a hosteller doing

  1. Rushing for the elevator when you see it on the same floor as you are on
  2. Begging the mess people to open up when you’re late or the guards at the main gate to let you in after the time limit.
  3. Fighting with room mates over leaving the geyser on and the increasing electricity bill.
  4. Peeping into neighbours’ rooms and sing old songs like ‘Gumnaam hai koi’ in the creepiest voice possible in the middle of night.
  5. Doing each other’s hair, occasionally. GIRLS ONLY, or maybe boys too. (You never know!! :S )
  6. Watch movies on each other’s laptop.
  7. Copying and borrowing assignments without a worry to return it on time.
  8. Getting late for college despite living 5 minutes away from college.
  9. Taking minimum number of things for college, only the essentials. Who cares, you can always go back to get more if you need them so bad!
  10. Jumping over that one area of the boundary wall without fence and with piles of bricks on the other side to step on. As if they’re made for us to escape, or enter!!

Note for mum and dad: I have never done the last point up there! I swear!!!

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