Kheti Baadi (The periodical farming)

Try asking a girl what she longs for during exam time. Apart from shopping, meeting the boyfriend (or parents in my case), getting together with friends and watching movies, you’ll hear something similar to Kheti baadi or a visit to the parlour, which will actually top the list in order of precedence.

Thanks to the metro sexual men these days, even men miss their monthly appointment to get their legs, arms and even chest waxed. Sheesh.

Grooming is important because in today’s society, we are obsessed with it. Society idolises models, actors, and celebrities for reasons that are not so clear to me. We have media and advertisements which show us images of what the perfect woman and man should look like. Perfect people? Those are plastic people! Such ads influence the general public – from an 8 year old kid to someone in his/her late 50’s!

We are influenced by others to groom and to look good.

Today, this seems to be very important, more important to the average man than say, climate control or controlling crime rates.

Why do we groom?

  • To look good
  • To look how we think we should look (?)
  • To feel good
  • To attract people

BUT the main reason is to stay as a part of society and not as an outcast. To be a part of society!!

Being an outcast might seem cool. But let’s get real. It’s tough!

Anyways, grooming is necessary for the corporate world or society in general, because you do not want to offend others. If you stink, who is going to take you seriously? or want to be around you? Its plain old etiquettes. Also its pretty uncomfortable to be around someone whose, say armpits stink? and you want to tell them because maybe they don’t know – so you have to talk to that person and it’s just plain uncomfortable all around!

First impressions are very important, and never so much as in the corporate/business field. It’s not just a matter of bathing, and not stinking. If you want to win that client, get that contract, you want to look and feel like you are professional, competent, and able. So you dress accordingly. You make sure your hair are groomed. If you’re a guy, you give yourself a smooth shave every day. Beards are okay for IT weenies and senior execs, but for the guys in the trenches? You’re aiming for the Pierce Brosnan look.
Fair? No. But whoever told you life was fair?


3 thoughts on “Kheti Baadi (The periodical farming)

  1. What you’ve written is true, and seriously, I wasn’t expecting this from you. The tendency to stay in a pack is a primeval instinct in humans; it goes to the time when it was necessary for survival. Although not required that much now, still the vestiges remain. Nevertheless some break away from the pack; they are called rebels, while others are kicked out; they are the outcasts.

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