Work in progress – sleepless night ahead!

Ever had the moment when you’re so tired that it’s hard for you do something you want to because you’re too tired and brain dead? I’m referring to my inability to type cus I haven’t really slept properly for a while now, all because of our deadline of 24 hours to complete 2 wall arts, 1 pillar painting, and one installation. So I’m gonna type this post and save the draft to edit later so that you’ll be able to comprehend what’s been typed (i doubt if I’m actually going to do that).

Okay, I’ll start from the beginning. We have a college trip to Nawalgarh and Jaipur (the ‘all work and hardly play’ type), but we have some hopes from it anyway. Our design teachers asked us to get our previous semester’s work to show it to our new dean. Our work was pretty good, but we managed to piss her off anyway.beacause:

  1. Most of the kids didn’t get it. (But being a hosteller, we had to.So at least we had something to display on our tables.)
  2. One of the guys took a snap of the groups made by our teachers from the faculty register to divide the measure drawing work amongst the students in the trip and he posted it on Whatsapp for the whole class to see. The teachers felt obviously insulted and took his and 2 kids’ phones whom she caught checking it out.
  3. Next week, we didn’t complete our submission so they decided to ‘boycott’ us, and finally drop the studio.

So in order to fix things, we decided to make up for everything by doing all the things mentioned above with the deadline of one night given by the dean. 

So cans of spray paints, brushed, sunboard, glue, etc were bought and hostellers were made to stay for the whole night in the college with some day scholars as well, the others left by 9. FYI, the kid who took the snap didn’t stay back. That idiot missed one hell of a night.


We divided the work and I got to cover the wall art in the reception area which the dean had asked us to make as he really liked our patterns which were actually attempts at tessellations. So we used sunboard to get the 3D effect with black and red spray paint. End result (apologies for the blurred photograph):


Whereas, the other areas were going pretty good as well:


Work on ‘The Hitman’ which finally turned out like this (blurred crap again!):



And the pillar signs

We ordered dinner which mostly got wasted and worked with the loud music in the amphitheatre to keep us up and going about.Image

We turned on the heaters in the reception and took turns in sleeping on the sofa in Akshita’s blanket. We work got over on time and we slept in the reception as we weren’t allowed to go in the hostel from 9 pm – 5 am. Ragini’s dad bought us ice creams and gave em to us when she left and we enjoyed the chilly night.

The next day, we had our teachers and the dean satisfied and the trip and everything else safe, of course, with a lot of tired, half closed eyes and desperate pleas to cancel the class so that we could catch up on the sleep, which of course, fell on deaf ears.

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