My blog turns 1!!

I remember myself sitting down on the same date last year, ranting about the well celebrated Valentine’s day. Actually, I just flipped back to one of my first posts on my dashboard 😛 

Anyway, the point is that my blog turned an year old today!! I still feel the same about Valentine’s day though.

So our seniors decided to organise a small something for today for an hour. Sadly, no one turned up. A lot of people followed the dress code of wearing red though, and many wore blue as a sign of protest. I wore black and white instead, and guess what, I did turn heads, in a good way. 😀

So what if I don’t have a Valentine? I’m happier dressing up for myself rather than for someone who has a pathetic taste in clothes.Image

Just in case you’re wondering, yeah I didn’t comb my hair. I washed my hair the previous night, slept on it and just went like that the next day.
And I got a LOT of compliments. 😀

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