The fest preps

With the fest just 8 days from today, everything seems to be moving at warp speed….yeah right. LOL
There are so many walls to scrape, design and paint, structures to set up, clothes for fashion show and all to be designed and stitched, dance preps, creative lighting designs to be set up and so less time. We started 13 days before and now we’re left with just 2. And yes, we all are majorly sleep deprived. But then, that is because we hosteliers are forced to stay back till 3 am while the day scholars snore away to glory or complete the submission. And we’re able to do neither. Working in college is fun, no doubt about that. We have fun as we cut cardboards or break our back scraping walls with sandpaper, plastering them and socialize with the batch mates and seniors (we got ragged again). But then, we end up missing our submissions and piling work. We do successfully convince our professors at times but have to stay up the rest of the night in other cases.


Either way, the campus is turning out well and lets hope we can pull it off in time.


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