Let’s rant this time

Okay, so we were told to get our measured drawing sheets inked for the final submission on Wednesday (today) and I decided to do an all nighter and get done with it. Sure I left some of the front elevation of the Bhakton ki hhoti Haveli (Nawalgarh, Rajastha) incomplete because I didn’t have the entire dimensions for the windows and most of the windows visible in the mezzanine level on the first floor were fudged. So I inked the rest and took a short nap at 7:30 AM. Then I woke up around 8:30 and got slightly late for class and submitted the sheet. Then I was called to discuss the sheet where I was told that the detailing is wrong and I need to draft the whole thing all over again.

This’ll be the 7th time that I’ll be drafting the front elevation (lost it twice, then got drafted and inked, changed the dimensions and hence got drafted and inked again). To add to my misery, my group mate comes up and tells me that the heights have been changed and that I need to tally them and draft it again. Worst part: everybody has different heights which keep changing….even the basic slab heights! So my sheet kept getting passed around to get the vertical projection lines.


We usually have design studio on Wednesday and workshop on Thursdays which got interchanged today. So now, we have design tomorrow again and I have nothing new to show them. How can I get on with anything if I don’t even have the skeleton structure!


So basically, I’m sleep deprived with an upset stomach, puffy eyes, aching back and with pending work with no energy to do it. So now I’m just gonna finish this post and pass out on my bed otherwise, I’ll be high on lack of sleep.

insomnia hyper

Apart from that, we are yet to finalize our space compositions and extrude the objects from the four finalized ones. The weird part about design is that you can never be sure of a design. You think it’s good but you might end up getting a redo (and will probably get ragged) by the design teachers. But you can never be sure about your partner’s design.cereal-guy-cereal-guyfacepalm

But then, these things keep happening throughout the year. Architecture has made me a sadist, so we might as well enjoy these moments. Because once you’re in this field, it is nearly impossible to get back and adjust in a normal life with family, friends and society.

God, that made me feel like John Abraham in New York.



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