The Dream House Project

Two months back, we were made to compose 2D compositions and then extrude them in different ways using the negative and positive space as a part of our spatial analysis. Little did we know that we would be asked to develop our dream house from 2 of those 8 thermocol abstract models, without the thinking much about the technical aspects as we still dont have the sufficient knowledge in mechanics.

We started from a choosing dream house interior and site model and started designing spaces. Easy peasy, no?

Hell no.

We didnt sleep for days at a stretch, out eating habits changed drastically, and we discovered new ways of hurting yourself with a cutter while cutting sun board and acrylic sheets. And the rubber bonds were like an icing on our wounds,a burning icing actually. 

I cut my thumb, almost bled on the model, sliced off the skin from my fingers, poured rubber bond on my feet (which releases fumes that irritates the eyes when in contact with sunboard, imagine the reaction on the skin.) and pulling off rubber bond from skin is equivalent to pulling off a nice layer of skin.

Okay enough with the rubber bond cuts stories. I managed to pull off another disaster on my model though. The ground floor was too untidy because off the spilling rubber bond and dirt, so i decided to spray it. Sadly enough, my idea backfired and the model started looking worse than ever. So I asked mom and dad to get lots of acetone to clean it off along with the other stuff I needed. I was so tensed that night as I had a lot of work to do and no time. That weekend was the worst weekend of the year. I had major submissions on which my summer vacation depended. I couldn’t afford to fail in internals and pay 10k per course for summer school and ruin my planned vacation in the process. So when I saw them, I broke down which got them really worried. So they made me sit in the car and gave me a pep talk. So I got back to work and luckily, my bc and other submissions got cancelled or postponed. So after putting in a few more sleepless days and nights, I came up with this, my first house model with all the drawings which was appreciated by the jurors faculty

They were so happy with the quality of work and the ruthless torture we put ourselves through in the past 2 weeks that they treated the class with pastries and we clicked a group photo of the class with the teachers

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