T2T: Trip to Toronto 2013 – Quick recap

Long time, no read? Yeah I know. Not saying that you’ve been looking forward to it though I hope you were.

So this is my first post since I’ve landed in one piece at the Pearson International Airport, Toronto to spend the next 1.5 months with my sister. I’ll quickly recap the last few days (if I can recall)

Day 1, Thursday: Had a good time sleeping, chatting with strangers and looking out of the window during the flight (missed the sunrise though, damn)

Up in the air!

Up in the air!

The CN Tower

The CN Tower

IMG_0710 IMG_0704 IMG_0700

Landed in the evening, took the bus and sub back home with an over excited sister and her boyfriend. Made the sister happier with some jewellery from home and we probably had dinner after that. :/

Day 2, Friday: Sister goes to work and I sit back at home and eat cereal and clean up the dishes. I get lost on my way to her office to have lunch with her cus she messed up the map on a piece of paper. Called her up and reached anyway to have salad at the office food court at 12:15 pm. Went back home and the jet lag made me sleepy and so I cancelled the swimming plans and dozed off instead. Garima di came back home late in the evening, and the soup she made was so bad that I couldn’t hide the expression on my face. So we ordered pizza and dozed off.

Day 3, Saturday: Woke up at 4am and realized that I’ve been constipated. Darn jet lag. Checked out today’s events online and went to the Steam on Queen: SteamPunk Festival at the Campbell House Museum. That.thing.blew.my.mind. Craziest stuff EVER! We saw weirdly dressed up people, amazing jewellery, belly dances (missed a few others though), Gothic accessories, had a tour of the Campbell House which had crazy machines and even a mad scientist!  Even the rain couldn’t dampen their spirit.IMG_1963 IMG_1965 IMG_1970 IMG_1971 IMG_1960 Then we were just going around and spotted a garage sale so we got some good deals. Then we picked up sushi  for lunch on the way and then went to the airport with Parichit bhaiya to rent a car for carrying the cycles for tomorrow’s race. We also went to the Ontario lake and saw some ships and even a group of amazing tap dancers (which reminded me to update my blog). We got the car, stopped at IKEA where I realized that I was dead tired and was going on a sugar high by the cold coffee that we picked up at the airport. so we went back home and I dozed of again which was good, since we had to get up early for the race.


P.S. To catch up with the next day’s race, check out my next post: T2T: Trip to Toronto – The Race Day

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