Founder’s day + Radhika’s birthday = One day Epicness :P

Okay, so it was the 2nd of September and we were supposed to have submissions before the scheduled Founder’s day celebrations. Having missed out on the performances and stuff in some other block, we made up for it in the college amphi.

This time, we weren’t the target for the seniors’ entertainment. We’re second year students now!!!

We all assembled at the amphitheatre and had fun with the freshers, had the cake (yum!) and got in the lecture hall for the performances. Man, these guys are so many, some people had to stand and watch the performances. People sang, mimicked professors, and we also got our new Student Council! Yay!!

Then we went out again, fooled around some more, and started dancing. Nobody seemed to be giving a shit about the heat and the massive area filled with the stench of dancing people. People kept moving in and out to catch there breath or even get some air. The people kept clicking photos and I was busy photo bombing XD


And yes, getting some clicked too 🙂


The event ended after that and a handful of us sat at the amphitheatre, with some more freshers 😛

The rest of the evening was spent bathing and giving some recovery time to our legs. I went off to sleep earlier than usual, around 11 and I was woken up by Vanshica and Diksha with their handmade birthday card for Radhika!  Yes, it’s her birthday on the 3rd!

I reached their room on time and we sang, cut the cake at 12am, put some on her face too, danced at some weirdest songs ever and burst the balloons. I’m not so sure she’ll appreciate it if I put the pictures up here. :/

To say the least, we had a great time. But I’m tired again and I hadn’t really recovered from the daytime madness anyway. So here I am, updating my blog at 1:30am, and about to crash right after I hit ‘publish’.


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