To do list: Dilli Darshan

Okay, so my design mentor keeps asking about places we have visited in Delhi (or NCR) to discuss their design and architectural aspects of different sites. Being in a group of 10, it is easy for him to point and pick out students and ask them questions if they have been to so and so place, and if yes, what were their observations. It’s been more than thrice when I have said that I haven’t visited a so and so place in Delhi, and he keeps asking me in disbelief if I’m really from Delhi.

So, to save my ‘izzat’ as a Delhiite, I decided to make a list of places I need to visit in Delhi: MISSION – DILLI DARSHAN!!

So here is a list of places I need to visit because I’ve never been there, or I went there when I was a happy-go-lucky, and an architecturally ignorant kid:

  1. Jantar Mantar
  2. Haus Khas Village
  3. Lotus temple
  4. Railway museum
  5. Delhi zoo
  6. National Museum, NGMA
  7. Nehru Place
  8. Lal Quila
  9. Old Fort
  10. IHC
  11. INA
  12. India Gate
  13. Humayun’s Tomb
  14. Akshardham temple
  15. Garden of 5 senses
  16. Indian International Center
  17. Chandni Chowk
  18. Lodhi Garden
  19. Safdarjung tomb
  20. Pragati Maidan
  21. Doll House

I hope most of these places don’t turn out to be ‘lover’s points’ (where couples hang out and embarrass the tourists)

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