The quarter bed life

they say that the ones with a cluttered desk are very creative individuals.

I tend to disagree, well, quite a bit. And no, this is not me being modest (trust me, I’m not really known for that. Ask my buddy, Chiru. He’ll give you a piece of his mind.)

A quick look on my desk: Random sheets rolled up, empty plastic containers, my earring holder (one of my best buys from a garage sale), and some more random, crumpled sheets.


And what’s with the quarter bed? Well, that’s my way of saying that I’m so used to crampy and cluttered environments that even if you give me a double bed (oh, home sweet home ;’) ), I’ll cover 3/4th of it with my junk, ranging from my sheets to the clothes I was wearing the previous day, and sleep on the quarter space left, 1/5th of which is taken by my laptop that I tend to sleep with. A lot. So that quarter space (or whatever that is left of it) is where I sleep, eat, and do whatever I do in the other half of the day (or whatever that is left after college)

Imagine my single bed in the hostel.


Heck even my cupboards have models, thermocol sheets and other random stuff thrown on them. And not to forget the clichéd ‘I have nothing to wear’ despite having an almirah with so many clothes that the piles tend to come down and it’s like a landslide, or maybe an avalanche.  

And shoes? Let’s not go there. I don’t think my drawer for shoes under the almirah is being used the way it is supposed to be.

Let’s hope my mum doesn’t visit my room ever again, because whenever she does…..



And whenever I nudge her to get me a bike….



Hayee, main aur mere tute sapne….




Anyways, there’s another time for my sob stories and rants. Those are some things I just fail to get short of. Chal koi na…



So that’s me, signing off again. Adios!




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