What’s cooking folks?

Well, summer vacations are here again and I’m back while my friends go for internships and vacations How exciting. -_-

Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m here because I have a lot of spare time on my hands, at least till college reopens.

So, what’s up folks? I’m trying to pile on as much work as I can on my head so that I don’ t get that ‘ free time’ where I’ll start wondering what am I doing with my life. I truly dread that time because I really don’t have a clue as to what am I really doing with my life. (C’mon, I’m just 21. I think I can be excused for that, at least for now)

So here I am, listening to a senti bollywood track while sipping on my green tea, probably because it tastes disgusting and the wailing kinda distracts me -_- Kudos to getting healthy while listening to a man crying over his runaway bae. Good lord, I don’t believe I just used that word on my blog. For all those old school-ers,

There you go!

So, apart from the regular stuff (read – Kheti baadi. Refer to this if you’re confused) that I need to do, there are other things I’ve been wanting to add to my list of things to do. I make such lists because they’re more organised mainly because I tend to forget things. These lists help me keep my shit together.

Ba-da-tmm-tsssss!!There you go!


Me and my mum went to a vet yesterday to adopt a dog. (*flashback* – we went to her 7 years back when our dog was about to die. And we liked the vet.) So now, we’re waiting the pups/dogs to be put up for adoption.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to use the space in my ghastly bedroom (A friend even called it haunted because it’s so empty, majorly because I’ve never bothered to decorate/fill it up properly since I don’t really live here) with things other than useless furniture. I think I might just go ahead with a photo gallery and maybe artificial plants. (?)

 And all that starts with clearing my bed of all the clothes I recently bought (I got a new swim suit, yay!) and the things I unpacked that need to be kept in their ‘proper’ places as nagged into ‘suggested’ by my mom (she probably watches this space).

Ooooh, and I need to buy a new pair of wedges! (the ‘how many do you need to buy?!?!’ exclamation of disbelief doesn’t apply here. I just have 2 pairs – one for winters, and the other for the rest of the year. Don’t judge me.)


Now let’s not get into the details of how excruciatingly beautiful they can be. I can’t wear normal heels, or pumps, or stilettos, or whatever other versions they have (I honestly don’t know the difference. If they make you look taller and thinner, they’re called heels.) So I stick to wedges. They give me the false security of better safety against toppling over as opposed to the other heels. And did I mention that they also make me look taller? #doublewin 🙂

                                Wait, whaaaaat?

Sorry, couldn’t resist posting this one. 😀 Sorry for the foul language. 

Image sources: Compiled via Google images. I do not own any of these images.


6 thoughts on “What’s cooking folks?

  1. Dogs! ❤
    Get a Huskey, so adorable. ❤

    If you’re free then go for some dance and shit naa. I’m just saying.
    Architecture, eh?
    Build some models and shit, I know you’d be tired of that stuff but just.. Do something naa. Its better than being all vela!

    • I really like huskies (they’re awesome), but sadly, they’re not meant for Indian climates.
      Well, I’m not exactly vella (a lazy procrastinator is more like it), I have taken up a software class which is supposed to help me in my field of work 🙂
      I make models the entire year. I may be crazy, but not enough to do the same thing in my free time. But hey, thanks for the input 🙂

      • Yeah, only after some research I got to know that one can buy specialized mix-breed huskies if you love ’em cause I wanted one. Apparently it costs lakhs so even I’d not suggest that you should go for that option if you want one.
        Okay like, AutoCAD?
        I get it. It was just a week earlier that someone posted a story on Snapchat captioned “Jury scenes” where the guy was explaining stuff about his model and stuff. Go for dance naa then, it’s so much fun!
        Oh, don’t thank me. I’m a lazy procrastinator as well, I somehow ended up on your blog so I thought, why not just talk to people! 😁

      • Okay, I’ll check it out.
        Eh, how do people not know how to dance? I have a friend who’s going through the same and I was like, “You might consider me a stereotype but how can you not dance? You’re a Punjabi ffs!”
        Anyways, try cooking class. Everybody loves food!

      • Well, even I’m a Punjabi. That might explain my energy levels when I’m doing whatever you would think twice before calling it dance.
        And yeah, I love food! But eating it, not cooking it. I tend to burn myself in any and every possible way when I enter the kitchen :/

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