Hopes never die

Another poem I wrote in school…



No matter how dark it is

We will find a way in our heart

We are the three musketeers

and nothing can drive us apart

So here’s to my sister and mum

who will be there with me

in the times to come


We shall always stick together

No, we don’t need to cry

cus regardless of the weather

the hopes will never die


With them, the problems feel like feather

and no, this aint a lie

cus regardless of the weather

our hopes will never die


The path ahead might be rough

that’s something I wont deny

but regardless of the weather

our hopes will never die


They do get crushed at times

but they are always resurrected

regardless of the crimes

But we’ll never give up

and neither will my rhymes 😛


It is only the dark times that tell

who will stay and who will go

that moment of truth rings a bell

when the true colours show


but you’ll always see us looking ahead

giving happiness another try

Every night as we go to bed

We pledge to never let our hopes die


Eat pray love? Heck no.

What is the first thought you get when you enter college apart from getting ‘more freedom’? It’s got to be your parents and society accepting the fact that you’re old enough to date now. But when will we actually be mature and smart enough to handle it? And even if we get there, will we have the time and patience for it? I’m sure my parents will be glad when they’ll read this. Imagine their relief! Getting back to the point. I remember my elder sister getting her permission to date when she entered college and started living in a hostel. So I was excited too. I mean, I hate hiding stuff from them. Because:

1. They always get to know.

2. They never like what they get to know.

3. They ALWAYS get to know.


Besides they say they have only one reason to stop me: It always affects my studies They have a point. It actually does. But then, I decided to handle it by getting back on track with my studies first. But now I stop and think, do I really have time for this? I mean heck, architecture sucks the the life out of me. I barely get enough time to take out for my family or even meet them. I even ‘watch’ movies without actually watching it cus I have to work. But somehow, the course sprinkles enough excitement to keep me hooked. Besides, why will I waste my precious time and grey matter on some idiot who’ll piss me off, fight with me and make me worry half of the time?  I’d rather draft my way to glory, or finish my design work, or draft new structures and systems which I never knew existed!! It is such a vast world, and we are surrounded by architecture all around. Apparently my teachers are right, we need to eat, pray and love architecture, even sleep, walk and talk architecture in order to get in the depths of the subject. Even then, it is never enough because there is no end to it. Sometimes, I skip my meals to get my work done or simply cus I’m too tired. And do I pray?? Oh, yeah I do. I pray 5 minutes before a jury or exam and kept praying before getting the admit card. Thankfully, I’m not debarred from any subject. Whoopee!!

Anyway, I haven’t been able to take out any time for meeting my family except my dad who visits me on and off for like 10 mins in two weeks because of my semester exams. But I’m looking forward to some fun and relaxing once I get a break. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder na. I can’t believe I’m writing a post on how I don’t have time for anything.


Anyway, I should scoot now. It’s dinner time and I’m hungry. See you around!

Image source: http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/250×250/22606860.jpg

Jealous of my star sister?? Nah….

Siblings….can’t live with them, can’t live without them…specially if they are the apple of your world’s eye. They have everything you and a lot of people wish for but you love them regardless.
I have an elder sister, Garima Takyar. Now she has already been mentioned multiple times in my blog so I won’t introduce her again. But those who don’t know, she’s an achiever, be it academics, sports or even handling me. She’s good at what she does, and at least tries doing everything else. She’s got a few teeny weeny flaws but awesome traits to make up for them. Besides, who the hell in this world isn’t flawed? At least I am, majorly. You can’t say that I might be wrong or having a misconception about her because I am her confidant, and vice versa of course. Coming back to the point, she has always set a bar that is too high for me to reach from the beginning. A ninety percenter in school, a distinguished engineer in college (even received a medal for that), a dedicated and disciplined employee, a triathlete,a smartass, a loving and caring sister and with lovely etiquettes as icing on the cake. Have I been compared to her by my parents? Not just them, also by my relatives is the answer.
Am I jealous? Hell no. I am proud of her. In fact, I’m also proud to be one of the people who she can fall back on and trusts.
Sibling rivalry? Oh yeah. We’ve always fought for attention. From her calling me ‘the adopted kid’ to me calling her ‘the abandoned one’. We still fight a lot (and make up because we know so many secrets about each other :-P). We are like a pair of shoes….one can’t do without the other.
Anyways, she recently had a triathlon in Binbrook (740 m swim, 30 km bike and 7.5 km run) and the numbers truly scare me. I saw the pics via the link she sent me and my jaw dropped like it always does when I see her racing photos. Every time I wish I could be there as a spectator to cheer for her and scream till my lungs get sore. I’m sure I’ll get a chance to do that one day. But till then, I guess I’ll have to do being a distant spectator.image

Another break!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Kya karu, I got a bit too busy with the entrance exams preps. But no worries, I’m back (on the request of my few followers) with something new to write about and I have plenty of time to type it down.
It’s been two weeks since my coaching classes started and man, they really do suck out the last drop of life from you!
I have classes during the weekdays for about four and a half hours from morning to noon which means that I’m pretty exhausted when I reach home and I’m ready to collapse on the bed and pass out till 5 PM. I skip my lunch because of that as well. I don’t feel hungry by the time I reach home.
I wake up at 5 with my mum, get ready and go out for 30 minutes of jogging/walking, come back completely exhausted, watch TV for a few hours, have dinner, do my homework and then go to sleep.
I rarely go out on weekends, so I just stay at home, watch tv and do everything else.

But this weekend was meant to be different.

My younger aunt had come to visit us from New Zealand with her husband and daughter. They had decided to stay at Gurgaon at my elder aunt’s new home. Dad was staying there with them as well. I didn’t have much to do at home and I knew that I would get bored as usual, so I told dad about it and he invited me to stay there for the weekend (because I cannot miss my classes).
I didn’t really expect much because I thought that my aunt and her family will be out to visit their friends and all here. But they had planned otherwise.
My first day there was a bucket full of fun. I needed a new phone since my old Nokia phone had been acting like a piece of shit, so Shruti di, my elder cousin talked to me about her phone which I liked quite a lot and I had been recommended that phone by many. We were at Galleria, Gurgaon to buy fish for dinner when I asked dad to come with me to check out the phone and get his feedback on it. Little did I know that he’ll buy it from the next shop we’ll check out to compare prices. So in short, I came back home with a huge grin on my face.
We guys chatted and laughed our heads off in the evening with a couple of drinks and a lot of jokes and had butter chicken for dinner since we didn’t have all ingredients to prepare the fish.
It was one hell of a day!

Next day, that is today, dad went back to Galleria with me in the morning to buy Uno cards (I had forgotten my packet at home along with Cluedo, plot 4 and some other awesome boards games).
Sadly, we couldn’t go out much because Shruti di had just got her lasik treatment done and she was advised to stay at home for at least 2 days. So we just went to Safdarjung enclave for her checkup, CP for dad’s work and back home to relax. We played a lot of Uno that afternoon and my stomach was hurting with all that laughter and my throat was getting sore as well. Everyone passed out in the noon while I listened to some tracks on Shruti di’s ipod.

I’ve been relaxing ever since!!

Weird Parenting

It can be really annoying when your parents change their color overnight. One moment, they’ll offer you a drink to relax and chill with you. The next moment you know, your phone goes missing from the side table. One moment, they’ll ask you if you have uploaded a picture of them with you. The same evening, you catch them sneaking in your inbox while you were relieving yourself in the washroom. Just like right now, my mum’s trying to read what I’m typing. (That shows me in a rather poor light)

You thought you were finally connecting with your parents at a friendlier level. So what the hell was that?? And then they complain that their kids aren’t close to them at all. Well, snooping around wont get you any closer!! Isn’t that common sense?

I’ve seen parents who give a lot of freedom to their kids. The difference comes in when the child understands the responsibilities and duties that come along with them.

Why does the relationship between a parent and the child has to be so complicated when it doesn’t have to be like that, specially in this 21st century? When both parties are trying hard to reconcile the differences?

Why are they supportive and discouraging at the same time? And this isn’t just about the parents. why do the kids have to do exactly the opposite of what they are asked to? Why do they have to be so rebellious? Maybe they wouldn’t act like that if the parents weren’t so headstrong either. But whose fault is it? Is it the insecure parents who feel responsible and become over protective or is it the kids who ask for their personal space so that they can grow and know themselves as an individual but end up misusing their freedom to the extent that it is snatched from them?

Coming to think of it, maybe it is more of the kid’s fault (feels weird considering that I’m one of them). But hey, it doesn’t mean that we should stop trying because one day, we might just succeed (that’s what I tell myself every night). And that day shall make life a lot more peaceful for both, the parents and the kids.

My melodramatic baby cousin

The cousins

It’s hilarious to watch your 7 year old cousin sister pick up lines from Indian tv soaps faster than her geography lessons.
We generally meet at my Grandparents’ apartment (maternal side) where me, Niharika (the elder cuz) and Vedika (the one I’m talking about) have a gala time while mum, nani and my aunt indulge in their ritual gossip.

I remember the day when Vedika was refused something by her mum so she stormed out of the room with bit fat tears in her brown eyes and went towards the entrance saying, “bohot ho Gaya, main yeh ghar chodke jaa rahi hu. Mera peechha karne ki takleef mat karna” (that enough, I’m leaving this house. Don’t bother to come after me)
I just couldn’t hold back my laughter and neither could anyone else as she picked up her Pokemon purse (yes, she had one of those) and stood outside the main door waiting for us to come and fetch her. I went outside after laughing my head off, picked her up while she half heartedly protested and I tossed her on the bed. We all had a huge laugh after that over her tomato red nose.

Today, about 6 years later, the kid is all grown up and ogling at ‘Dean Winchester’ from ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Danny McCoy’ from ‘Las Vegas’
Kids grow quick, don’t they?