Pain is pure

Pain is there

It’s not gore

It can be shared


Pain is the truth

It’s what makes you alive

Doesn’t take a sleuth

For this to realize


Pain is beautiful

Pain is care

Not for the faint hearted

Feel it if you dare


Pain is all and all is pain

Soothes a monster

makes you humane

Tames a gangster

Keeps you sane

Makes you stronger

Nothing to lose, nothing to gain


Eradicates fear

from your mind

Feel your heart sear

It just made you kind


Can’t be hidden

Can’t remain

Has to be ridden

Things won’t be the same


It cleanses you within

makes you humble

pays for your sin

Before you mumble

Can you look in?


Face it

A poem I wrote back in school…


Broken locks, shattered windows

yet again, my hopes lie flattened

but that’s the way the wind blows

and yeah, shit happens

So I’d better face it

there’s no way to escape it


I wish i was a time turner

Things might not have turned out this way

but I’m a fast learner

and I’ll wait for a new day

cus I’m a survivor

and I know I’ll find a way

But let’s face it

there’s no way to escape it


Yes, growing up is painful

and I’m no exception

but the life ahead is beautiful

and it’s better without perfection

So lets just face it

there’s no way to escape it


The future had better be worth it

but is that what matters?

cus I have to go through it anyway

and there isn’t much left to shatter

So I’ll just face it…


There’s no way to escape it

Hopes never die

Another poem I wrote in school…



No matter how dark it is

We will find a way in our heart

We are the three musketeers

and nothing can drive us apart

So here’s to my sister and mum

who will be there with me

in the times to come


We shall always stick together

No, we don’t need to cry

cus regardless of the weather

the hopes will never die


With them, the problems feel like feather

and no, this aint a lie

cus regardless of the weather

our hopes will never die


The path ahead might be rough

that’s something I wont deny

but regardless of the weather

our hopes will never die


They do get crushed at times

but they are always resurrected

regardless of the crimes

But we’ll never give up

and neither will my rhymes 😛


It is only the dark times that tell

who will stay and who will go

that moment of truth rings a bell

when the true colours show


but you’ll always see us looking ahead

giving happiness another try

Every night as we go to bed

We pledge to never let our hopes die

Ode to Ego

Gliding on the floor with pride

without a care in the world

What do you have to hide?

maybe the sinner inside you, curled

About to be untied


Why let your nose in the air to be?

Is it the abundance of fame

and the drought of humility

or is it knowledge of the game?

misconception, ignorance, and stupidity


What do you pride in yourself for?

Seeing the folk as low lives

giving you a chance to scoff

and looking down on those who strive

you simply brush them off


But who am I to point out?

I’m no saint or sage

Nor do I have the right to shout

even if I have fits of rage

What do I have to worry about?

You’re just another line on a page

With pride you prance about

on this grand stage