About me

Me and the clan

Me and the clan

Hey there!

Now that that you’re here, you may (read that as ‘must’) go through my blog where I will be giving my take on topics of interest and memories which make me sit down on the couch, stare at the ceiling with a serious expression for a moment and then laugh my head off.

I am the author of every post you see here and this page.
I am the one who is being shouted at right now by my mother for not being on my bed.
I am the one who just killed the mosquito circling over my head.
I am… Riddhi Takyar (that sounded kinda cool!)
I’m also known as the midnight blogger since it’s the only time I write my posts in peace. Sadly, I couldn’t take up that user name. It wasn’t available then. Damn.

I’m an architecture student and a curious kid in her late teens at heart. Hope you’ll enjoy my views and experiences as much as I do.

To know more, which I don’t think you would, (Cmon, I’m not the queen of England now, am I?) you may click on this link:

About me

See you around!!



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